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    Pressure Ulcer Risk May Be Increased By Gastric Feeding Tubes

    A new study led by Brown University researchers reports that percutaneous endoscopic gastric (PEG) feeding tubes, long assumed to help bedridden dementia patients stave off or overcome pressure ulcers, may instead make the horrible sores more likely to develop or not improve. The analysis of...
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    Positive Results For Phase IIb Trial Of Unique Cell-Based Therapy In Venous Leg Ulcer

    Healthpoint Biotherapeutics announced positive topline results for its Phase IIb clinical trial investigating the efficacy of HP802-247 in venous leg ulcers. HP802-247 is an investigational allogeneic living cell suspension containing keratinocytes and fibroblasts. The study was designed to...
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    genital ulcer treatment?

    for male when some kind of ulcers appears at man genital area. any treatment or just leave it till it goes away?
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    can i get a mouth ulcer, canker sores the following day from smoking meth?

    ok so my friend convinced me to smoke meth with him. we break it out every fool moon and neither of us have any kind of std's or herpes, no one else uses this pipe. i just heard that you could develop mouth ulcers, i would say very very small. it doesn't look bad and it does not hurt at all. and...
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    If you got a hernia from child birth would it eventually lead to an ulcer?

    Or are ulcer like symptoms part of having a hernia?
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    HELP!! do i have INTERNAL bleeding? ULCER?

    For the past two weeks ive been feeling very weak and nauseas. Im nauseas before i eat with bad stomach pains and after i eat as well. i get migraines and head pains, i feel weak, my throat hurts and just recently started a fever. (im not pregnant) i went to go see a doctor and he said i may...
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    will smoking marijuana harm an existing ulcer?

    I was recently told by a doctor that i have an ulcer, if i smoke marijuana will it be harmful to me or make the ulcer flare up? I am on previcid also.
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    What can I do for a mouth ulcer?

    My 21+ year old cat has a mouth ulcer, my Vet did not recommend anything to give her. My wife is suggesting applying Bonjela gel. This is given to young babies during teething. Would this be suitable? I'm sure she is experiencing alot of pain when trying to eat.
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    stomach ulcer or gastritis question ?

    i had gastritis for 3 years now .last year doctor told me to take the treatment for pylori h, then a year later it came back so is gastritis for ever? and i been feeling like little stabbing inside but no blood in stools..