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    Does the NUTRITIONAL value change between uncooked rice and cooked rice?

    Also for things like pasta, potato, oat meal etc?
  2. K

    How safe is it to leave turkey ( uncooked) sit on counter until ready to cook?

    I am done brining at 5 am and don't want to start cooking until 730-8 am. Timed it wrong.
  3. K

    What can I make with left over (already cooked) elbow noodles and eggs (uncooked)?

    I need something quick and easy... Just got a new puppy so I can't be occupied with dinner for too long! Thanks!
  4. X

    Can uncooked pizza dough sit on counter for Two days before cooked?

    I have two fairly dumb roommates who let food sit out over night all the time and still eat it, which is beyond me, this is why I refuse to eat anything they make. But anyway, they have pizza dough that has been sitting in a bowl on the counter for 2 days now and has risen already. Is it safe...
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    Do the ground beef nutrition labels show cooked or uncooked information?

    Apparently there is a huge difference in the number of calories noted on the labels of e.g. 80/20 and 96/4 ground beef. But if you cook the 80/20 ground beef and drain away the grease (or at least as much as possible), shouldn't the amount of calories go down? If calorie content noted on the...
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    soo, what's the calorie difference between uncooked and cooked bacon?

    When you check the back of the product, the nutrition fact shows how many calories it will cost, but I'm assuming that it's for the uncooked bacon of it's raw state. When you cook it, it obviously drains the fat so, how many calories is it worth it then???
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    What happens when you eat raw uncooked yeast, even though it is safe for cooking?

    i just am curious..its uncooked, but its for making breads and cakes and stuff..is it true that the yeast will grow in ur intestines?? or will it just get digested like other stuff?? i know, dumb question. :) thanks
  8. A

    is it healthy to eat playdoh made out of water, flower and Oatmeal, uncooked?

    flour* (& yes, they taste great together) & i made it at home a few minuts ago.
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    How long is sausage still good after "sale by " date ( uncooked in package )

    How long is sausage still good after "sale by " date ( uncooked in package ) I have some in the 'fridge that says " sale by 7-30 and wasn't sure if it was still ok to eat . I hate throwing away food ...it was in the back and I forgot about it . Thanks for your help !