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    Power head under-gravel filter problems. I'm a newbie.?

    I bought a power head for my fish tank because it was recommended and fish need better water circulation and I was starting to put it together and it said not to use unless you have and under-gravel filter set up.. So I was wondering how to set one up cheaply and the best way to do so. Any help...
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    How do I assemble a bubble stone to a undergravel filtration system?

    i have an undergravel filtration system similar to the one in this picture http://www.gardensite.org.uk/aquatics/aq... and i want to know how to attach the bubble stone to it. If you go to this link http://images.google.com/imgres?imgurl=h... and scroll down to Rena Undergravel Filter Plates, is...
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    undergravel filter vs overhang filter on a 75g tank?

    What would be best for this size of a tank?