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    Is an "upconverting" dvd player the same as regular player?

    I am about to order an "upconverting" dvd player but am concerned it does not actually play dvds. I just want a cheap player and this is a samsung at amazon. Will it play liek a normal regular player? thankyou
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    Cheap place to buy Toshiba DVR660 1080p Upconverting VHS DVD Recorder?

    Where can I find a great deal online for Toshiba DVR660 1080p Upconverting VHS DVD Recorder
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    How do Upconverting DVD players make something go from ok quality to near-HD?

    There is no magic. It is called scaling via interpolation. A DVD has 480 lines HD is 720 or 1080 lines. An upconverter "guesses" the missing lines.
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    HDMI, DVI, Upconverting, 1080i vs 1080p blueray ?

    I have heard that an upconverting dvd player can upconvert a regular dvd to near blue ray quality. If this is true I would like to get one but here is where I'm lost. My TV has a dvi and two component video inputs and is 1080i...not 1080p. I know i can get an adapter from hdmi to my dvi but will...
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    I am hoping someone can help me with information about DVD upconverting to...

    ...HDTV (Blu Ray quality). ? I just bought an upconverting DVD player (Phillips), and put it on my new TV and it did not look that great. I thought it would look better. 1. When using this upconverting DVD player, will it upconvert older DVDs? I tried to play the Bourne Identity, on a 1080 JVC...
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    what is the deal with upconverting DVD players? DVDs do not have HD info inside them.

    I am assuming that the sole purpose of an upconverting DVD player is to display the DVD at original 16:9 ratio in its full 852x480 resolution (that is if the DVD actually contains 852x480 resolution(lots of DVDs are 4:3 ratio with 720x480 standard resolution). But heres the thing, as far as I...