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    Valentino: Fashion Shouldn’t ‘Ridicule’ Women

    In an interview with Marie Claire UK, Italian designer Valentino Garavani complains about the way fashion "ridicules" women and designers forget how women are actually shaped. Hear hear! More » Valentino: Fashion Shouldn’t ‘Ridicule’ Women is a post from Blisstree - Nutrition, Healthy Recipes...
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    Who loves Valentino the Fashion Designer!?

    I just wanna see who acually knows the guy, cause I asked all my friends who he is the they didn't know! I want to prove them wrong. So if u love him, just answer yes. If you can describe my favourite dress (guess it) then you'll be voted as best answer.
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    Valentino Di Paolo and Valentino Garavani are different fashion designers?

    I just thrifted a Valentino Di Paolo bag, its amazing. I'm guessing its not thee Valentino. Does anyone know anything about Valentino Di Paolo? Is it an expensive designer too???
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    I've noticed that Valentino Rossi has two dog stickers on his bike now...

    ...does he have another one ? Does Valentino Rossi have another dog, does anyone know what its name is. And has he moved back near his mum.
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    What did Rudolph Valentino do to help society in the twenties? Besides the

    obvious entertainment. Think deep!? Any political impact? Or anything that affected society?
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    where can I watch rudolph Valentino silent films on the www?

    Valentino was a superstar in the 1930's