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    What are the VFR Cruising Altitudes?

    Like if your going East: Something +500 Feet
  2. B

    Motorbike question! Is a Honda vfr 750 a good bike to start out riding on?

    Or would it be smarter to start riding on a Kawasaki Ninja 250? I want to start riding in the near future! (I'm aware of the courses I'll have to take before I start riding, or having my permit) Can anyone explain to me anything about motorbikes in general? What do the numbers mean? LOL...
  3. A

    Honda VFR 750F muffler problem?

    I have a 1990-1993 Honda VFR 750F. I wanted to know if a slip on muffler from a 1994-1997 Honda VFR 750 will fit. Thanks
  4. S

    VFR sluggish in corners? CBR comparison.?

    Is the VFR 'sluggish' in corners. I don't want an "old man's bike", so to speak. How does the VFR corner (especially at high speeds). I know it can't take twisties like a CBR600, but how much 'worse' is it? Does it corner more sharply than a cruiser? Can you take a corner sideways (knees...