1. D

    sun visors on BMW 525TD - how to unbolt them?

    These are attached to hinges and clip which are bolted to the roof with what look like allan or a type of spline headed screw, can a tool be bought to undo these or what can I use
  2. M

    need help with vent visors?

    I'm trying to buy window vent visors for my husband's Nissan Altima. I've found a couple but they seem to be a "one size fits all" type of thing. I need help finding out where to get them and good quality.
  3. K

    Any advice as to quality of SUV window wind deflectors / visors?

    I was looking at a bunch of them for a Chevy Equinox, and they very in brand and price, but I have little to go on to weigh the quality of one vs the other. Any advice on how to judge them? Or should I just get the least expensive? Dennis.... what would the good ones be? As you see, the...
  4. J

    Does anyone know how to find 1995 Suzuki Swift's vent visors or ones that...

    ...can match it's windows? I read in a Geo Metrro forum that the Chevy Cavalier's windows are similar to the Swift's. Any light on the subject will be appreciated.
  5. K

    Anyone know where i can find out what vehicle the vent visors i have will fit on?

    I have a set of vent visor deflectors Apart # 8159051 and i need to know what type of vehicle these will fit on. Any one know where i can find this info out at?
  6. J

    is there any kind of goggles or visors that can subsitute glasses for Sports?

    Hi guys, I'm playing football but after a year I need glasses. I heard it's not safe to wear glasses inside helments so I'm wondering if there's anykind of goggles or visors that can work just like glasses cause I don't want my glasses to break or fog up. Postion: Corner, Receiver.
  7. PatrickB

    Vent Visors/Rain Visors?

    Own a 2006 Toyota Corolla. Looking for good brands of Vent/Rain Visors. Pretty sure I want the in channel type but completely open to suggestions and reasons for what ever type you think are the best. Thank you
  8. I

    i got vent visors for my truck and i dont like them, what to do?

    i got the camo ones and they dont look right against all the chrome on my truck, could i have them painted while on the truck or should i rip them off paint them and then try and re install if possible. they are the 3m tape kind, thanks