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    Vodafone launches 4G in Queenstown ahead of Winter Festival

    Vodafone launches 4G in Queenstown ahead of Winter Festival Posted on 20-Jun-2013 08:52. | Filed under: News :*Mobile :*4G. Vodafone launches the 4G mobile network technology in parts of Queenstown today, just ahead of the Winter Festival. Queenstown is the first South Island provincial...
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    I got push notification in wifi but not getting it on 3g of Vodafone. my phone

    is samsung galaxy grand .? Is there any settings or problem of Vodafone, I can use 3g for other purpose as Browning and downloading
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    Vodafone starts rural 4G trial at Lake Brunner

    Vodafone's first rural trial of 4G technology in the Lake Brunner area of the South Island's West Coast runs until the end of July using 700 MHz technology.
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    Vodafone or 3 iPhone 5?

    Three is £34 a month + £49 upfront cost for 24Months Unlimited Data, 500 minutes, 5000 texts Vodafone is £33 a month + £149 upfront costs for 24Months 500MB Data, 600Minutes and unlimited texts. I use a lot of internet, so vodafone would be capping it a little and I also send a lot of texts...
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    How can I fix this?, my blackberry messenger is not been activated on vodafone.?

    I use a vodafone sim card in my blackberry as it is the cheapest option you pay £5 a month for 30days bbm&unlimited use of internet, but when I went to do it , it says this is not availablef for your price plan. Then later I was able to talk on facebook&chat to my friends on blackberry...
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    Vodafone New Zealand introduces 4G services to consumer

    Commercial 4G from Vodafone is available now in Auckland, expanding to other areas soon, including Christchurch in May and Wellington by September 2013.
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    Telecom, Vodafone and Telstra to invest in new Auckland- Sydney cable

    Telecom, Vodafone and Telstra announced today they have signed a non-binding memorandum of understanding (MoU) to co-invest in the construction of a new submarine cable between Auckland and Sydney.
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    Can I cancel my phone contract with vodafone for free?

    I heard i could cancel if the price goes up. It's gone up 31p but i could get the same contract same phone for half the price. I have a while left on the contract can I do it for free?
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    New Zealand Police selects Vodafone for mobile communications

    New Zealand Police has chosen Vodafone as its partner for mobile communications.
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    Vodafone New Zealand doubles network capacity in Auckland

    Vodafone doubled the capacity, improved coverage and further increased speeds to two thirds of its Auckland network over Anniversary Weekend, in a major investment programme designed to bring the best technologies to New Zealand.
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    how do i start my presentation on the topic vodafone in india and make it

    super interesting....? what includes is basically the strength, weakness, opportunities, threats, position in the market, it's competitors and reasons for it, the tax issue that has happened. so i'll manage the others but i want to know how to make the start interesting
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    question about a blackberry storm 2 and the vodafone verizon card in the back?

    So I got my wife a used blackberry storm 2 and had it flashed over to cricket. She just found a vodafone card in the back and asked me what it was. My droid has nothing like that and I have no idea what the hell it is... anyone know if I need it or if it can cause network problems with...
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    BNZ, Vodafone and TelstraClear in long term contract

    A contract signed on Friday between Andrew Thorburn, BNZ’s Managing Director and Chief Executive, and Russell Stanners, Vodafone Chief Executive, will see the relationship between the companies reach 16 years.
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    How do i get signal from vodafone on my iphone 4?

    Hi :) my mum recently gave me her iphone 4 while she got the iphone 5 as an upgrade , ive never been on vodafone before but since i got a new sim card its been rubbish! I can only get signal in my house when im connected to our bt thing , when im out i cant do anything , surely there must be a...
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    Vodafone offers Fourth Generation iPad with Wi-Fi + Cellular

    Vodafone is offering these new iPads with an attractive data plan, and customers in areas with DC coverage will be able to connect to its super fast “Dual Carrier” (DC-HSPA) network.
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    Vodafone signs up Federated Farmers

    Vodafone is celebrating its appointment as premier partner and official communications supplier to Federated Farmers, announced at Federated Farmers Christmas event in Wellington last night.
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    IPhone 4S, Vodafone 4g?

    It keeps saying that the iPhone 5 will not be getting 4g from Vodafone but nothing will tell me if the 4s will upgrade to 4g or not!? Someone please tell me
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    Vodafone New Zealand to acquire TelstraClear for NZ$840 million

    Vodafone New Zealand will acquire TelstraClear's voice and data based services, network infrastructure and New Zealand customer-base.
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    Vodafone introduces Android-based Smart II

    Novice smartphone users wanting an affordable smartphone are in Vodafone's sights with its new Smart II phone out today.
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    Nokia Lumia 610 available from Vodafone New Zealand

    Nokia is extending its Nokia Lumia range with the introduction of the affordable Nokia Lumia 610 to the New Zealand market.