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    sony erricson W200. Good phone?

    alright, so i just need a good phone for now and its not gonna be long term. I've had sony erricson before and their phones are good. im wondering about the W200. anyone have it or heard about it?
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    Would a 2GB memory card slows down or hangs-up the Sonyericsson W200?

    Planning to buy a unit and planning to buy a 2GB M2 card. Specs said the units memory is expandable up to 1GB (only).
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    can i edit firmware on a sony ericsson w200?

    I know about xs and setool but they do not work on cid53. J_D_Flasher gives me error messages. can anybody tell me a free firmware editor for cid53? also, could anybody tell me if there is any way to delete items protected by sony ericsson?