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    How do I delete Google search history on Motorola W230?

    I've tried deleting internet history and cookies but the search history just doesn't go! It's pretty irritating to see it crop up every time, so please tell me how I can delete it.
  2. D

    Motorola W230 Pc compatibility??????????????????????????????????

    I have a problem i bought my new Moto w230 but it just doesn't work w/ my pc, can someone tell me what's happening i need some software compatibility or whatever it is necesary plz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Does Motorola W230 support .sis files?

    this is one doubt i have >.!! i wanna know if my motorola w230 supports .sis format and if i can download n play games on my cell...please help
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    Motorola w230 mobile phone ?

    I have motorola w230 mobile phone set. I need its pc suit software to connect phone with pc and syncronise my phone boook, messages, download games, send messages,..etc. Is any body knows and want to help me ? (2) Also can i download sound recorded in this phone ?
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    Can Motorola W230 phone supports installing games?

    Hi, I have W230 motorola phone. Can i install java or any other moile games on this mobile? If so, please give me the details. I have searched a lot but no answer yet. Thanks in advance.
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    how can i setup mms messages on my motorola w230?

    i received a message from my network manager, but i accidentally erased it. i would like to know what to enter in the fields required : hide fields, autosignature, download, filter, expire after, reply type. thank you
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    hi ppl...i've got a motorola W230 mobile with me...it has options as follows

    line1,line2....what are these? what to do with these line1 and line2....how do they work?
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    Mobile Phone, Motorola W230, How to download ?

    How and by what software i can connect my phone to pc and download games, phone diary, other applications. Currently i am doing mp3 files only or jpg files. Is there any software or pc suit to connect my phone properly with pc. Also with any method, can i run mp4 or vidoe files in this phone...