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    Motorola Phone W370 on Rogers?

    Does this phone take a sim card? I really need to know, asap! On this link; http://www.motorola.com/Consumers/CA-EN/Consumer-Products-and-Services/Mobile-Phones/ci.W370-CA-EN.alt In the fine print at the bottom it says: Network and/or SIM card dependent feature, not available in all areas...
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    My Motorola W370 won't charge?

    I used to be able to charge it either through a wall socket, but now when i plug it in to the wall it says "unable to charge". i also used to charge it through my computer, but i figured out that the only way to do that was to put it into "mass storage mode", but since i let my phone run out of...
  3. M

    Real Ringtones for the TracFone Motorola w370?

    The internet on this phone is ridiculous. Whenever I have my friends send me things like ringtones, they don't download. Drivers don't work, seeing as how the usb connectivity is disabled. Yes, I am perfectly aware how suckish TracFone is... but I have no other option, seeing as how I'm only...
  4. C

    Motorola W370 Prepaid and At&t Prepaid Card?

    I have a Motorola W370 Prepaid phone and it doesn't have units let, i want to buy a Prepaid card and i don't know if the at&t prepaid works with Motorola W370?? Which Prepaid card should i buy???....
  5. K

    Someone can send me a code for Motorola w370 IMEI 354513018664163, I want

    to use it with other than rogers? I bought it at rogers company I need to unlock this cell phone
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    AutoSignature on MotoRola W370 phone ?

    hey ; i got a MotoRola W370 phone and i need help putting the signature on whenever i texted my friend please help me ~ Carmelicious ~ = )
  7. S

    transferring ringtones to my Motorola w370 -- directly from my PC?

    Yes, I'm a proud owner of the ever fashionable Motorola w370 phone. Now that that's out of the way: Is there some way to install it as a driver on my laptop that will allow me to transfer ringtones etc. directly to it, as you would transfer to a usb memory stick or to an mp3 player? I have the...
  8. D

    How do I delete a number in my Motorola Tracfone W370 phonebook. I can't...

    ...find the directions in the manual? I need to delete a few numbers in my Motorola Tracfone W370 phonebook. I can't find the info in the manual. Can someone help me? Please give step by step directions. Thanks !
  9. J

    My Motorola w370 isn't working!!?

    Here is the situation. The other night, the phone was in my coat pocket and apparently, it had fallen out of my pocket and was laying on the seat of my car and I must have sat on it. A friend of mine told me that he got tons of text messages from me at the time that it happened. The same...
  10. J

    I can't find my inbox?? Someone help!!!! Motorola W370?

    I just got a motorola W370 , but for some reason I cannot open my inbox. Can someone please help me ? I open messages click inbox and all that comes up is the Msg menu centre. I have tried everything and Im started to get really pissed off!!!! thanks in advance
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    Would a case for the Motorola w370 fit the Motorola w376g?

    Hi there! So here is the scoop. By accident, I put my Verizon pay as you go phone through the wash. Today I got a tracfone, the Motorola w376g to be exact. I really want a case for it.. like something that snaps on or a gel one. But I can't find one ANYWHERE! Not even online. I don't really...
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    Motorola W370?

    I have Windows Vista, how do I get the USB driver to work on my Motorola W370, I've tried downloading it from the site but all that shows up is a Notepad document with a few words of binary. Please help, I just want a connection!