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    A Weather App That Suggests The Best Times To Do Things

    If there are weather apps, calendar apps and to do list apps, there should be an app that spits out an optimal schedule for you to follow. What's the point of jogging in the rain and then doing laundry when the sun comes out? Or maybe you like to run in the rain because it cools you off. Or...
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    Weather on the Outer Planets Only Goes So Deep

    What is the long-range weather forecast for the giant planets Uranus and Neptune? These planets are home to extreme winds blowing at speeds of over 1000 km/hour, hurricane-like storms as large around as Earth, immense weather systems that last for years and fast-flowing jet streams. Both...
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    Weather Gadget on my hTC is locked on "London"?

    The weather gadget on the home screen of my hTC Desire C has - for no apparent reason - become stuck in "London". I live about 200miles away from London. I can view other locations, but can only get "London" on the home screen. I've even tried deleting "London" and it just comes back! I've...
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    why did verizon fios change weather widget?

    They changed the format to one that will not let you continue to view the program you are watching. With the old format, you could view the weather and continue to see the show you were watching at the same time, which was a benifit when there were other people watching a show while you checked...
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    How's the weather in DC in march?

    I'm going on a school trip to washington dc over spring break and since I live in florida I'm not sure what type of clothes I should pack. It's only a four day trip in the middle of march so it's not worth packing a bunch of clothes just in case. So anyone who lives in dc or near it or has visit...
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    Miss Bumbum Walks Times Square In Bikini In 12-Degree Weather

    It was 12 degrees in New York City yesterday. I wouldn't even leave my house in a parka, so why was Carine Felizardo parading around Times Square in nothing but a bikini, sash and stripper pumps? All in a day's work for a Bumbum queen, you see. More » Miss Bumbum Walks Times Square In Bikini In...
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    My windows 7 weather and currency gadgets are not working please help me out

    i tried everything? its not updating so i tried to delete the cache and restore the gadgets so now its showing ''cannot connect to the service''..i also check the language,locale,date & time but nothing is solving the problem. @ pulsar: i did that but now i cannot turn it back on it is giving me...
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    Im doing a weather report for a local radio station. I want to make it

    different and funny,Help? Hey, So im doing a weather report this Saturday for a radio station to help with my presenting skills. The radio presenter has said to make it different, bubbly and funny. Ive got a few funny comments Re: the weather but need abit more help to make it really stand out...
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    Photo: Bubba Watson and caddie explain the weather

    No, nobody has won the actual PGA Tour tournament in Hawaii because not a single actual score has been carded, but plenty of people are handling the nasty wind at Kapalua in different ways. The big winner from the extremely strange start to the season? Our Masters champion Bubba Watson, and...
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    Any Android weather apps where...?

    Are there any Android weather apps where you can customize the image displayed for different types of weather? I have a Samsung Galaxy SIi and a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2
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    Htc sense weather app.....?

    How come the weather app on the htc one s that comes installed doesn't alert you about severe weather alerts? Is there a way to do that? Without messing up the animations like the rain drops when it's raining and thunder when there is storms out?
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    MetService brings personalised weather to smartphones

    Today MetService launched its innovative new weather app for iPhone and Android, with the ability to personalise the background image for every type of weather forecast.
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    Favourite songs that mention a phenomenon caused by nature, weather, etc within

    the title or lyrics? Here's a few of mine... "Cold Wind To Valhalla" - Jethro Tull... "Under The Ice" - Nazz... "Cold Rain And Snow" - The Grateful Dead... "Under...
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    What to wear hiking in 67 degree weather?

    I'm hiking mount monadnock (3165 feet), about 60 miles northwest of boston. It's going to be 67 degrees and partly cloudy. What do I wear? Also, I don't have hiking boots. Can I just wear normal sneakers?
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    iPhone 4 Weather App query?

    Like when it says it's going to rain, it'll have a number and a % next to it. For example 90% - does this mean it's 90% likely it's going to rain? Or is that humidity or...
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    Carribean Cruise in June - How is the weather?

    Has anyone taken a carribean cruise in May/June?? I am planning to go but I learned that Hurricane season starts in June. Please share your experience in the carribean as far as the weather. Thank you :)
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    Buy it now: Cold weather running gear

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    We can not even make prediction of the weather 4 weeks from now?

    yet Liberals think we will be killed by "Global Warming"? Zombie: so what happened to the GLOBAL COOLING theory in the 70s????
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    Do you think the Super Bowl should be played outdoors at cold weather sites?

    I understand that it will probably never happen because of the money. But it's crazy that games up thru the conference championships can be played in the elements, but then for the title game the powers that be want the conditions to be as perfect as possible. It's like there are 2 different...
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    Will the cold weather damage my Nintendo DS?

    My father brought me back to school last week (I don't have my own car), and for some reason, I forgot my Nintendo DS in his car. I live in PA, so we get cold temperatures and snowstorms here sometimes. I have my DS in a case, which is inside a drawstring bag still sitting in his car. Will it or...