1. U

    Looked around, Dunn whispered curse sentence swearing, also turned to the locker r

    ****No wonder Dunn angry, forests under oppression in the Arsenal team had not much chance to attack, so every chance are extraordinarily rare, it is so easily be wasted, but would be "curse" ground ...... ****Half bombing and forest land in the Arsenal defense team embarrassed. Occasionally...
  2. S

    when harry styles whispered to matt cardle on the xfactor finale, why do

    they call it harry gate? If you haven't seen it its hilarious. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SFzq3ZkdubE but yeah it been reffered to as harry gate and pussy gate and im just wondering why :)
  3. J

    What would you say / do if i walked up to you and whispered, The cookies are...

    ...burnt, and the bike is flat? then i walked away