1. M

    how to change wifi password on telus?

    have a stupid password that telus gave me and i want to change it. don't know how. pretty straight foreward i guess/
  2. S

    I switched from an iPhone 4 to a Samsung s3.. How do I make wifi calls? No

    apps I can find? I hate this! It won't load an app that I can make calls with!
  3. K

    How do I get/setup wifi calling feature on unlocked (other network) phone using

    T-Mobile SIM card? I am wanting to buy a used phone and am not sure what network it is from and desperately need wifi calling since I have no signal at my backwoods house location, only wifi. Please help.
  4. R

    cellular data in ipad mini wifi?

    hi all i have an apple ipad mini wifi.can i access cellular data in it by using apple's lightening micro usb adaptor and OTG cable.(as i have one USB data card).
  5. R

    Blackberry 8520 wifi not working?

    Hi frndz, I have a blackberry curve 8520 with v5.0.0.1067. When I turn on the wifi it works fine also it detect that wifi modem or router. But when I open my browser it get not connected. I also tried to set up general setting in browser to set default browser to hotspot browser. But still it...
  6. B

    Dvd blue ray players w/ wifi?...?

    Today i decided i want to buy a DVD blue ray player, but haven't a clue about them except that it gives a great picture. When i went online about them they were listed w/ wifi. WHAT IS THE WIFI FOR PLEASE? And Is a DVD & a blue ray the same thing? In other words, can i play DVD movies on just a...
  7. S

    I have a Blackberry Curve 8520, and WiFi at home. How can I use my BBM?

    Installed at reinstalled, still doesnt work. It's just on its homepage, I cant send messages and I cant request or see requests to me.
  8. S

    I have a Blackberry Curve 8520, and WiFi at home. How can I use my BBM?

    Installed at reinstalled, still doesnt work. It's just on its homepage, I cant send messages and I cant request or see requests to me.
  9. C

    Blue Ray Player With WiFI and USB Port?

    I want to buy an affordable Blue Ray Player(The cheaper, the better) that supports netflix/wifi and a USB port. I have a portable hdd that i put tons of movies and shows on and i want to plug that into a device that can play it on my TV. I used to use my Xbox for that but sold it since i don't...
  10. S

    Hi, i would like to purchase a mobile having Android os with Wifi connection....

    ...Can anyone suggest economical? and reliable model to meet my requirment.
  11. T

    DVD player interferes with wifi signal?

    Whenever I plug in my ipod in a cradle connected to the dvd player to charge it, the dvd player turns on and shuts off my internet. I have no idea why it happens, other than the fact it might have something to do with the little wireless speaker. Why is this happening?
  12. S

    What dvd players have usb resume playback recall memory and wifi capability?

    I need help finding a DVD player with confirmed USB video resume playback/ memory recall. Essentially, I want to be able to power off the DVD player, turn it back on and pick up my video file where I left off. I know most modern players have disc recall/ resume playback, but I need this...
  13. A

    Hi, i bought Nokia Lumia 520 and i want to connect to wifi..?

    i bought Nokia Lumia 520 and i want to connect to wifi..but my modem is not wifi, itz router..i'm using Laptop for internet surfing..can i use my laptop as a wifi for connecting my Windows Phone ??? can anyone help me?is it possible?
  14. P

    My Android won't connect to wifi?

    My galaxy s2 won't connect to my at home wifi. It just says error. I don't know what's wrong because my iPod and laptop do connect to the wifi. Please help, what's wrong with my phone?
  15. M

    Does my motherboard include wifi and bluetooth already ?

    I'm purchasing my pc and was wondering if I needed to fork out some more money to buy wifi and bluetooth add-ons or if I was lucky enough to have it already their ? My upcoming motherboard is the Z87-G43. Thanks for your help :)
  16. A

    My samsung apps wont connect to the wifi or data network.?

    my samsung galaxy s3 is connected to the wifi and opens the internet normally but some apps won't find service or connection like google play and they won't open. Help
  17. G

    Why wont my Lg phone connect to my Wifi?

    I have the Lg lucid 4g/lte but my plan dosent include internet so when i try to connect it always says authentication problem all of the other phones that Ive had always connected to the internet but now this one wont I'm on my labtop now and its working fine. Ive read all the other simillar...
  18. B

    What is a good iPad game that you can play over wifi?

    My girlfriend and I really want an ipad game to play over wifi from each others house. She likes rpg games, and really loves MMO, I like card and board games along with tower defence games. We both love strategy. Please give me some ideas, even if they aren't in our preferences. Thanks!
  19. S

    Will Wifi be turned off once you restore your iPhone?

    I have the Iphone 4 and it's been acting up. I want to reset the phone but I am worried it will shut off wifi if I do so. My wifi has a password which I can not get a hold of. Someone, help!?
  20. C

    which part of the blackberry bold 9700 picks up wifi?

    i know that the antenna picks up call signal but does it also pick up wifi signal as well?