1. L

    I need a witty scavenger hunt team name for 7th-10th graders?

    Both guys and girls are on our team. I want a really witty name. Best name gets 10 pts.
  2. P

    What movies are animated and incorporates witty humour at the same time?

    Such movies like madagascar, ice age and despicable me. Any ideas?
  3. P

    witty, funny, romantic young adult book?

    im looking for a book with a witty/quick/funny character with an underlining romance/s. dont give me supernatural books, because ive been there, and they all start to read the same after a while. cheers x
  4. E

    Atheists: Can you give me examples of your "Witty" humor?

    Show your true colors, ladies and gents! GOGOGO!
  5. B

    interesting question for the witty humorist?

    what is your favorite Seinfeld or office moment links appreciated. Does anyone else think that Demetri martin's show was clever?
  6. G

    is this a witty joke for a congrats card?

    its for my teacher he is really into video games and his wife is having a baby so im malking a card. the joke is hope you like your new game of diper dash... like diner dash. i dont really know if anyone will find it clever and or funny. what do you think?
  7. K

    Is the humor on family guy witty humor or quirky humor?

  8. S

    Are atheists naturally more witty than theists?

    They always give witty responses on my questions.
  9. S

    What is something witty and funny to say?

    When someone asks you, "Where have you been all of my life?"
  10. M

    Girls: do you like a witty, sarcastic sense of humor?

    I'm really just curious because I have a sort of sarcastic sense of humor. Not sarcastic in a mean way, but more like an ironic, or satirical sense of humor. For example when I was talking to somebody about Hamlet, I said "You know, Hamlet was a really cheery, happy guy. He only spent about half...
  11. O

    Why do people leave terribly-humored witty, annoying little responses instead of

    answering the question? Especially in the god damned Politics section. Do people think they're funny and awesome with their crappy little unfunny responses. And another thing, why do people thumbs-down answers which are decent and were clearly intended to help, yet stupid answers receive...
  12. K

    I need a good voice mail greeting that is witty yet professional, can you help?

    My voice mail used to be the 80's song one from family guy.... which was great and made a lot of people laugh, but i recently put up a flyer for babysitting and i want my voice mail to be professional so that when my friends call, they still smile and when moms call, they know im mature enough...
  13. K

    Witty anime club names?

    No need to explain just answer, right now xD now! and....now! .......how about now?.....FOR THE LOVE OF KAMI...now? :D
  14. B

    Questions to ask a car designer in an interview please - witty, clever, funny ones

    preferably!? Like a top gearesque interview.