1. D

    IPhone 4 iTunes ringtone not working.?

    I have an iPhone 4 and I recently added 15 dollars to my iTunes. I have bought like 7 ringtones and they all worked I bought two more today and one doesn't play. I tried setting it as my text ringtone and it plays the iPhone ding (the preset message alert tone. All the others work but just not...
  2. M

    BlackBerry Bluetooth mini stereo speaker not working?

    The day I bought it, it worked well. The next day it died out. I thought it was the battery. when I put it on charge and took it off it still did not work. Now I just have a mini speaker that does not work. I have no idea on whats wrong with it and how to fix it.? can someone please help me?
  3. O

    which is the best and working video chat app for symbian mobile like nokia n8?

    i want free video call application or video chat application to my n8 mobile. But unfortunately skype is not working in my n8 mobile, i dont know why?
  4. F

    Google Play is not working on Computer or any other android phones in my home.?

    This issue popped up a little while ago. I have NO idea why this is happening. My computer, my note 2, my grandparents androids are not working. When ever I try to go on my pc it is saying it's encountered an error but on the phones it says apps are not available in our country. We live in the...
  5. J

    Samsung Laptop Keyboard not working.?

    I was updating my system BIOS via SW update, the bios update kept failing to update. Soon after, my keyboard didn't function but I still restarted my computer and finally the system bios updates. When updating, the system update alerted me that the mouse and keyboard will not function properly...
  6. S

    My nokia 101cell phone fell into water n stopped working what to do?

    I have some important data save in its memory can it be retrieve again ? if it can be how to delete it before giving it to service care centre ?
  7. Z

    My Telus Optik TV Wireless cable boxes are not working?

    We got Telus Optik TV about a month ago and it has been working great... Until tonight. I went to watch TV in my bedroom on one of the three wireless PVR receivers connected to my TV and when I turned it on I got a picture of my remote on screen with the word "Connect?" underneath it. I pressed...
  8. N

    Why isn't my blackberry scroll not working in my homepage?

    I have a blackberry curve 9300 and when i unlock my phone my scroll doesn't work. When i press the little blackberry sign and scroll it works but not when i try to go into my app stuff (like texting) so its stuck on the top bar thing, please help!!! Ok its been like an hour and a half since i...
  9. C

    Ctrl delete alt shift buttons not working?

    I was playing Sims 3 on my Gateway computer and I held the shift button to long. A pop up came up asking if I wanted to enable, disable, or change settings for my shift key. Well I ignored the pop up and then my game wouldn't let me use the delete button. So then I went to the control panel and...
  10. R

    Blackberry 8520 wifi not working?

    Hi frndz, I have a blackberry curve 8520 with v5.0.0.1067. When I turn on the wifi it works fine also it detect that wifi modem or router. But when I open my browser it get not connected. I also tried to set up general setting in browser to set default browser to hotspot browser. But still it...
  11. B

    iPhone 5 Music or Ringtone Not Working?

    I can't hear my ringtone or my music wont play. The volume and ringer volume are turned up all the way and the silent button is off. It was working fine yesterday.
  12. P

    Why is the new bbm with voice chat not working on my blackberry 9220 curve?

    Y I cannot download it in my phone.? My phone has os 7.1
  13. H

    My alt key and 7 aren't working properly....?

    Take it to a professional and have them remove the alt key and 7 key to make sure it is making a connection
  14. T

    my at&t sim card is not working on my friends blackberry bold 9000. Please help?

    please be specific and walk me through cause i have no idea. thanks
  15. V

    Motorola 116 stopped working?

    I had this phone for ages, now I love my motorola 116 she's beautiful I have the pink one, the keyboard stopped working and when I post stuff on Facebook the phone turns off I really don't want I new phone, I love this phone soo much should I buy the exact phone again brand new, or take it some...
  16. A

    HELP!!!! 4G not working on T Mobile iPhone 5 even though I have full bars?

    So my 4G usually works, but for the past couple of days it hasn't. Even though it says I have 4G and shows I have full bars, I don't get connected to the internet unless I have wifi. I have tried connecting to LTE by typing in the address under the cellular usage thing, but it still isn't...
  17. S

    why isn't my sync bluetooth working in my mustang?

    it is not connecting to my phone and voice command is not working. It seems to be since I installed tint in my windows. Could it be related to the tint?
  18. J

    BitTorrent stops internet browsing from working?

    When I am downloading torrents using bitTorrent, my internet browsing doesn't work. Internet Explorer and Google Chrome both don't work, so I'm pretty sure it's not the browser's problem. Does anyone know how I can fix it so I can browse and download torrents at the same time?
  19. C

    Bluetooth headset from laser not working properly with skype?

    The headset has the bluetooth name of AO-BTHD, it's a bluetooth headset from laser. I got it for my 13th birthday this morning, and I connected it to my ipod to test, it works completely fine, crystal clear. I connected it to my laptop, and it works perfectly fine on there except for one thing...
  20. D

    my emachines video webcam is not working and saying me that video web... entry point not found? video web camera.EXE- entry point not found