1. K

    can u jailbreak an ipad and get free apps and is it woth buying?

    is and i pad better then a i pod 4th gen besides not haveing a camera
  2. A

    Is it woth it to buy a ps3 now?

    Would it be a good investment if I already have a xbox 360? I was thinking about getting one just for the Blue Ray player. I dont want to have both consoles and a year or two later have a new better console come out. I cant stand it when that happens.
  3. G

    iphone in Vancouver. Woth buying?

    I can purchase iphone from fido/rogers for $200-$300 on 3 years contract and I can get student plan(200mins/day, unlimited evening/weekend, fido to fido/rogers free, 1GB data plan, caller id package, bill total= $65). Is it worthed?
  4. T

    Whats a good film woth the story line of..?

    Someone being adopted, or running away or something like that? i saw it once but i cant remember the title? It was about a lad either being sent 4 adoption when he was younger or running away when he was young, and when he was 15 or sumthing his mum found him. Something like that i dno how old...