1. A

    is there a way to make my motorola krzr vibrate better cuase its not wrking well...

    ...for things? i would call the company but i figured yaho answers better 2ask 1st. also does latex block calls on the cell phone?
  2. F

    cant access internet, everthing else wrking fine?

    I just removed a virus that was on my pc and it restored back my desktop but now i cant seem to access the internet for some reason, everytime i go on internet explorer it says HTP 404 File not found internet explorer and when i go on firefox i cant find the server to my homepage. Is there a...
  3. M

    my interet explorer is not wrking?

    hey guys, my internet is working fine, like i am using firefox right now, but when i open internet explorer, it dosn't work, i even go to other sites, but it not wrok, can u help me out?