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    How to download videos from YouTube and more video shares

    Watch This Video: # Download videos from YouTube and more video sharing websites. # Convert downloaded videos to any format & any device. # Works with Hulu, VEVO, Facebook, Metacafe, Dailymotion, Vimeo etc.
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    Enjoy YouTube/VEVO/AOL and more Online Videos on HDTV

    There are many Online video sites such as YouTube, VEVO, Vimeo, Dailymotion, etc, where we spend plenty of hours everyday. But have you ever thought to play these online video on your big screen HDTV? When you had a Chromecast you can do that easily. Watch Video: More...
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    How to Download YouTube Music to MP3 files YouTube is one of the most popular music videos sharing website in the world, but you can't save these videos to computer easily. Here is a video that can help you download YouTube music to MP3, ACC, etc. So you can enjoy favorite music on your Apple and Android devices.
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    Enjoy Videos on YouTube, Hulu, Metacafe, Break, VEVO and More Freely

    Watch some funny videos on YouTube, Break, VEVO or other online sites, do you want to save these videos and enjoy offline? With AllMyTube,you can download online videos freely, and then videos can be played on iPad, Android Phones and other devices without Internet and format limitations. Watch...
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    Is there any way to play music from YouTube while I multitask on my IPhone

    4 or an app that allows it? Just switched from Android to IPhone and without this (and widgets) it has been a huge mistake!
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    How do you play music from youtube on iphone and use other apps?

    I double click home and go to other app but the video shuts off
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    i have watched a youtube vid with a DC Theme music from a movie i watched as a kid.?

    And I have no idea what the music is named or who the artist is. It is not a song due to the lack of lyrics. here is the url and the time the song starts at the vid is at 11:06
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    which is the best youtube uploader for symbian mobile like n8?

    i want to ser how much percentage or MB have been uploaded. Such type of software or online uploading. Can anybody help me?
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    Turn a youtube video into an iPhone ringtone?

    I want to turn a video into my text ringtone for my iphone (i have the 4), so i looked it up but can't get it to work. I converted the video to an mp3, and clicked create AAC version, and renamed it as an .m4r (from mra). This is the ringtone format that many websites said worked, but i could...
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    Has anyone else had any trouble opening their YouTube app on iPhone 4? My just

    automatically closes by itself.? Closes by it self.
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    How to download anysong/audio from youtube onto HTC sense phone?

    An app or website like tubidy , where you can download any audio from youtube without paying..
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    Make a ringtone from a youtube video?

    How do you make a ringtone out of this: Specifically 0:16 - 0:32
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    My lg optimus s wont play youtube?

    my phone wont play any YouTube video anymore it tries to play then say server can't connect tap to retry I'm fully connected to my 3g internet but I tap anyway and it say the se thing when I go to the actual website it says. this video can not be played IV tried everything why wont it work...
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    My Samsung Camera Will Not Connect To YouTube, Please Help Me?

    Everytime i would put in my ID/Email and Password. It will say "ID or PW does not match." I know my YouTube account things like my email and my password. I don't know why it says that. Would someone help me with this, i just made a video and i dont wanna get on the computer. Please help me!
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    how can i get more views on my youtube videos?

    should i make a really simple title? or put it in a certain category?
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    Is Youtube To Mp3 torrent?

    Just Wondering. I haven't used it in a longggg time. I heard that if you download a torrent file your internet provider will do this 6 strike thing (CAS). I don't wanna get in trouble. I only use youtube to mp3 for covers that aren't up for download, or scrapped songs from an album. Other than...
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    why not supported youtube videos on nokia 114?

    please give full specification...
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    How to delete videos history we watch on youtube?

    When i click on music and videos i get to see my viewed videos. I want to delete them
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    Is 103 youtube views in 3 hours alot?

    So me and my friend were on chatroulett and decided to use our favorite accents. We decided to record then put it up on YouTube and got 103 views in just 3 hours!! And I feel like this is a lot even though I don't think the video was even that funny... what you think...
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    How To Upload Kenny Rogers The Greatest Onto Youtube?

    The search the greatest im making a picture slideshow and none of the songs r kenny rogers the greatest