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    If I cook food in a plastic ziplock bag using boiling water, does it release toxins

    or cause cancer? As an avid backpacker, one of the most convenient and favorite ways to eat is to prepare "bag meals" with a bunch of dry ingredients (ie. couscous, dried cherries, instant potatoes, etc) and cook them by adding boiling water. I use "freezer bags" which are basically a thick type...
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    i know this is a stupid question, but if i put my slim ps2 in a ziplock bag, will it

    brake or get damaged? what i mean is like will it block the vents and just brake? (i only put it in there when i dont use it. So when its off. i put it there so it wont catch dust because i barely use it. But i never put it in there when i use it). so will it get damaged if i put it in there...
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    Can I marinate my chicken, onion & bell pepper all in the same zip-lock?

    I've washed, cleaned & cut my chicken thighs in strips. I was just going to marinate them in taco seasoning for awhile before cooking them on the stove. Think it would be ok to marinate the onion & bell pepper strips with the chicken?