How do I locate my external drive on my PC?


New member
Oct 25, 2008
I have a Toshiba external drive (I'm not exactly sure the specific model) and I want to transfer files from my old MacBook to my new Windows 8 PC. When I plug the external drive to my MacBook everything works fine. The drive lights up when plugged in and it appears right on the desktop of my MacBook. But when I plug my external drive into my PC I can't locate it anywhere. On the taskbar at the bottom of my PC in the hidden icons tab, an icon for my external drive appears. When I click on it it has the options of opening "Devices and Printers" or ejecting my external drive. I can see my external drive in "Devices and Printers" but it just shows me a bunch of properties and I can't even view my files. I've searched online and I went to "Computer Management" and went to the "Disk Management" and my external drive shows up there, at least I think because I have no idea what any of that stuff means. My external drive should be in the Computer section of the File Explorer, but it isn't. How do I get my PC to recognize my external drive, which, as far as I know, works perfectly fine?