Moving phone carriers to WindMobile (Canada)?


May 24, 2008
I want to get a Samsung Galaxy S3 to use on the Wind network in Canada, but purchasing the phone from Wind itself is a little pricey. So, I was wondering if I could purchase ANY SGS3 from ebay (as long as it is unlocked) to use on the Wind network? Does it matter if it was used for example, on the AT&T network in the US, because I know that it uses a different network but the phone IS capable of being on both networks I think (or do they make different versions of the same phone for different networks?)? Your help is greatly appreciated :)
No you need to get the GSM one on ebay. ebay might be more expensive it will be like $600 wind is only like $200. Im actually not sure. I think no matter which carrier if its unlocked it will work on all.
it is now Freedom and I am looking to get account with them as well, wondering how is the experience