when will the demo for UFC undisputted 2009 be out for ps3?


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May 13, 2008
its allready march and the demo is still not here. will it be downloadable from the playstation store for free?
All demos are free man, and I'm sorry Im not sure about the release date, but google is always the best option, or us.playstation.com
Demos = FREE
FREE = No CA$H money

Unless UFC pulls some major sh... stuff, I don't know if they'll release it. It costs to put a demo up. There might not be enough interest for a demo. Even if there is, I think peeps would just download the demo and not buy the game because peeps won't shell the 60 bills to buy a sports game about a sport they're really not that into and don't know a lot about. Look at FIFA soccer, good game, BUT no one likes soccer. Sorry UFC, but its the truth.