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    Be 100% honest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

    I have always wanted to sing, but never do in public. I just uploaded my first video on youtube, can someone tell me if I at least have talent? I don't want to be that person who thinks they can sing but really sounds like a dying cat, haha. And I know if anyone would be brutally honest....it...
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    I have downloaded a movie from meu-torrent and after 100% complete itz

    not opening...plzzzz help me? after 100% completion of the movie (which was compressed).... format : .avi now if i try to open it using KM player itz showing "no combination of filters could be found to render the stream error num-80040218" nd other players are showing nothing...... plz...
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    Optimum Nutrition 100% Whey Protein Gold Vs. Body Fortress?

    Price is no concern. I've been reading and found that people say that BF has creatine in it and ON doesn't? I do NOT take creatine supplements so if i got a powder with creatine in it would i see more gains? Going for mass
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    Are there any used PS2 memory cards with Ultimate Spider-Man 100% complete I can buy?

    I've been trying to beat the game for a long time. Can you find a used memory card with the game being 100% complete, please?
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    Rogers 100% monthly usage?

    I keep asking such noob questions, but rogers told me that I am almost a 75% of my 100% usage allowence, does that mean I won't be able to use the internet anymore once its reached 100%? and does it go back to 0% the next month.
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    Optimum Nutrition 100% Whey Gold Standard vs Max's Super Shred?

    Optimum Nutrition 100% Whey Gold Standard or Max's Super Shred
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    How do I get 100% free mobile, or 4G Internet on smartphones?

    I have a 4G HTC Evo with no service, I have been using apps to call & text people by wifi connection.. Is there anyway I can use my Sprint's mobile network or 4G network connection without paying for the Internet? Whenever I go to Facebook, I get rerouted to a Sprint 4G homepage & it shows me...
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    If I could tell you your future and be 100% accurate what would you pay me?

    Just so you know I cannot tell you your future and I am not after your money! Previous experience tells me to put this disclaimer on here!
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    Depo-Provera Increases Breast Cancer Risk By 100%; Is Any Birth Control Safe For Our

    You know those birth control commercials that try to convince you that you can't possibly remember to take the Pill every day, so instead you should opt for the "once every three month" injection? Well, according to new research, one of these contraceptive shots--the depo-medroxyprogesterone...
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    Are we 100% homo-sapien?

    Are we completely homo-sapien or is there a slight mix of something else, such as Neanderthal? I've heard that we are 98 or 99% homo-sapien with 1 or 2% neanderthal, but I don't know if this is true. I've also heard that the original human beings, with completely unaltered bloodlines, were the...
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    How can I transfer 100% beneficiary interest in the real estate property to LLC?

    How can I transfer 100% beneficiary interest in the real estate property which is in the revocable land trust that I created of which a different person is a trustee to an LLC? How do I do that? What form or text do I use to do this?
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    for sale Apple Iphone 4s 32gb ,Becker Mexico 7942....$650 with 100% guarranty ..

    GSM STOCK MARKET.COM LIMITED :We are Legitimate registered company under government registration and licensed, Company No. 07458787 GSM STOCK MARKET.COM LIMITED are recognized distributor of various consumer electronics we sell latest brand and new original phones from there manufacturer with...
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    Say I had a crystal ball that could tell the future 100% perfectly every time,...

    ...how can the future? ever deviate from what I've seen? 100% future-knowing is part of omniscience. If something changes (freewill) then I didn't know it (or wasn't looking) - in either case, I wouldn't be omniscient, would I? ... Unless you're omnipresent too, Lefty. Which means you're in...
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    Doesn't 100% whey protein bottle from GNC have a inner seal?

    Hi. I bought a bottle of 100% whey protein (GNC brand) directly from the GNC store. The bottle was sealed in the outside but when I opened the lid, I could see the content; is that normal?. Most of these products have a inner seal covering the content. If you had an experience with this or a...
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    Why does GNC sell a 100% Whey Protein and Whey Protein Complex? Whats the Difference?

    The 100% Whey Protein is more expensive than the Whey Protein Complex by $20! What is the difference? There both 5lbs too. Whats in Whey Protein 100% and Whey Protein Complex?
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    finally found a place to get free stuff / free gadgets 100% working wanted

    to share!!!? h t t p : / / g a d g e t s . f r e e b i e j e e b i e s . c o . u k / 3 8 7 3 9 7 < this website has been on BBC and CNN it 100% works, you just sign up free, then complete an offer (paid or free) its upto you. then claim your free gadget from ipad's to imac's! just take the...
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    Where can I get 100% free ringtones?

    I've done a bit of browsing for free ringtones, but I'm not getting any 100% free ones. My carrier is T-Mobile. Please help!!!
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    Christians, if the bible doesn't make 100% sense should we discredit it?

    God would make 100% sense, so if something is 'iffy' then its not from god right (even if it says it)? How can that be wrong.......
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    does VISA AND PASSPORT 100% GUARANTEE entrance to america for vacation ONLY NOT TO

    LIVE THERE? we used to live in th US and i want to go there for vacation this summer but in the last 2 years we weren't legal so my mom said that even if i fly alone (im 15) they might not let me in because she made the mistake of not making a green card or whatever it is for the last 2 years...
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    GNC Amplified Mass XXX or Gold Standard 100% Whey?

    I was wondering which one would be the best one to gain weight and build strength and muscle. I am on the leaner side of the body mass and I want to gain a little more weight+muscle+strength. I work out 4-5 days a week. Which protein would work the best for me? And does the Mass XXX really...