1. C

    Will a 1993 honda accord stereo fit my '91?

    Also will the door panels from the '93 fit the '91? And what about the window motor?
  2. R

    I have a 1993 gmc k1500 and I rebuilt the trans?

    it still feels like its slipping and but if I put it to the floor when it start to slip it will grab and go with no slip and I notice that the torque converter isn't looking up and it has me stumped
  3. R

    Is the 1993 Dodge Ram ugly?

    I bought a 1993 Dodge Ram with a Cummins diesel motor and love it. I like driving it more than my car. But I keep getting comments about how it's ugly. This truck is beat up a little but I plan on fixing it. Even if it's fixed up would people still call it ugly? Not that it would stop me...
  4. A

    Ford Laser 1993 KH GL sounds sluggish and looses power when accelerator is flat

    on the floor? I have a ford laser 1993 KH GL (manual) and it's recently started to decrease in power when accelerator is pushed to the floor. I have stopped driving it over the last week because it doesn't manage to go above 40km. It has sluggish noise coming from the engine when trying to revv...
  5. O

    1993 Mazda MX3 V6 5 speed motor runs fine for about 15 minutes then shuts

    down until completely cooled off.? 1993 Mazda MX3 V6 5 speed motor runs fine for about 15 minutes then shuts down until completely cooled off. Temp gauge never goes above normal. After cool down she starts up and gives another 15 to 20 minutes of service at all ranges of operation. No engine...
  6. D

    How to get the keyless entry code for my 1993 Nissan Quest?

    I just bought my 1993 Quest for $700 bucks a few months ago and I was wondering about the keyless entry on the driver door. The buttons beep when pressed so I assume they have a good chance of working. The last owner of the car is dead and his friend sold it to me but knows nothing about it. I...
  7. S

    Transmission Issues for a 1993 Jeep Laredo?

    I couldnt put Cherokee in the Title, But there it is, I was in sc earlier, and The transmission got I guess Hot, and started Smoking. Wouldnt go into any gear , and when it did cool down a little It would Move SOME, But barley then give up again and I was stuck again. It is leaking at the Bottom...
  8. R

    1993 bmw 740i is over heating the thermostat was taken out and is still

    over heating the timing belt was not? Checked. The manual were do I get it and the car shakes when going over 50 miles
  9. J

    1993 Subaru Impreza engine problems?

    My car was working fine until I parked it for two weeks. It was in a garage where the temperature was normally fifty to sixty degrees. It started in the morning after it was parked but when I started it to go home from work it wouldn't start. I tried starter fluid which started it for about five...
  10. B

    My 1993 Mazda MX-6 Revs but will not Accelerate?

    So i did something with switching gears and my clutch and now when i try to move it will rev but not go anywhere(maybe a couple inches at a time). Anyone help?
  11. V

    Automatic toyota camry 1993 stalled as i braked hard.?

    What would be responsible for this any ideas? It also sometimes when I accelerate some what rapidly the revs shoot up heaps but no acceleration. When I brake reasonably quickly it also shakes a little.
  12. D

    Help replacing A/C belt on 1993 Dodge Shadow?

    I have a 1993 Dodge Shadow 2.5 L and the A/C belt broke on it the other day. I bought a new A/C belt but I can't seem to get it around the pulleys. How would I get it on
  13. J

    What else on 1993 chevrolet cavalier 2.2L?

    About a month ago my turn signals stopped working. Inside and out. My hazard lights and headlights work, but not the turn signals. A family friend and retired mechanic came to check it and replaced a plug/relay. That didnt work. He replaced the fuse, it wasn't that. We installed a new switch...
  14. M

    1993 Nissan Altima GXE Ball Joint Castle Nut Problem - Please Help!?

    Okay, so I elected to replace my own transverse link, caliper, and stabilizer link. I have some experience on cars (I replaced my own 94' Honda Accord MT Trans.) Anyway, how the hell do you remove the castle nut on the lower ball joint? The CV axle is blocking access, and it is a non-standard...
  15. D

    Why is 1993 jeep cherokee over heating?

    I've flushed the heater core and filled the radiator. Also, my heat doesn't work. Would that have anything to do with the over heating?
  16. C

    will a 1993 22re toyota engine bolt up to a suzuki samurai tranny or do you

    need an adaptor plate? i got a suzuki samurai and was wondering how i would be able to hook up a 22re engine to the samurai's tranny. do i need an adaptor plate or will it bolt up?
  17. L

    1993 GMC K1500 V6 - Crank, no start?

    Check for noid at the injectors and as said before, for fuel supply at the rail. If you have spark and the engine doesn't even hesitate this has the be the problem
  18. S

    How do I fix my steering column on a 1993 LS 400 Lexus?

    My tilt wheel gear is locked in the top position and the automatic switch gear wont lower the column.
  19. K

    What specific book did Toni Morrison win the Nobel Prize for in 1993?

    Let it be known I'm not referring to her winning the Pulitzer Prize, I know she won that for her novel Beloved.
  20. W

    how can i make my 1993 4cyl jeep wrangler increase horsepower?

    it already has a cold ait intake but i want to make it TAKE OFF