1. A


    Hello, I'm thinking about purchasing a 1997 Audi A4 2.8 Quattro 5 Speed. I have a couple of questions about this car please HELP! 1) is it fast? 2)how can It be made faster 3) Does it come with Turbo? Because I've seen other A4's and they come with turbo but idk if the guy just forgot to say it...
  2. N

    The panic button on 1997 infiniti remote does not work. Any clue?

    The remotes and clock stopped working. A fuse was replaced and they work now; except the panic button on both the remotes does not sound any alarm. Any explanation? (The horn on the steering wheel does work.)
  3. Jordan

    is a 1997 chrysler concorde sedan a reliable car mechanically?

    are there any major problems that this car has shown over a short term and long term basis? the car i am looking at is 60,000 for $3,500. is this overpriced or a steal? the outside is clean, as well as the inside, and i am unaware of the vehicle history report. this would be my first car and i...
  4. M

    I have a 1997 GMC suburban the stop light will not work?

    I replaced the bulb and still not working , check the fuses and they are good can someone tell me what else it could be please
  5. A

    Advice on buying a 1997 bmw 328i?

    Hello. So im considering buying a bmw 97 328i. 100k miles for abt $3000-$3500. no rust. Seems like the electronics work right. im asking for some advice regarding owing one before I sign my life away to regret lol. Any good insight would be apreciated regarding these automobies. Thanks
  6. M

    Would u rather have a 1997 lexus or 2001 pt cruiser?

    The lexus has 109k miles and the cruiser has 137k miles. Both good on gas and same price
  7. U

    how muchis it to fix a wheel bearing on audi 1997?

    this guy is selling me one but he says it needs a wheel bearing how much does that cost?
  8. D

    I have an iphone 5 and want to play it in my 1997 GMC Jimmy?

    I don't have a USB in my car. However I do have a thing that worked for my iphone 4 that plugged into a car lighter and then into the aux port of the phone and it played find. It won't play through my iphone 5 though. Is there any other way to play music from my iphone 5 to my car stereo?
  9. N

    Will a 1997 mazda 626 transmission fit/work in a 2000 kia sephia?

    My 2000 kia sephia has a bad transmission. The transmission type is a f4ael. I put that type into a website that will supposibly tell you which other cars have compatible transmission. It says that a 1997 mazda 626 has a compatible transmission and I know someone with a junk mazda 626. It says...
  10. C

    about problem with toyota camry 1997 clutch?

    my clutch stopped working today.i was driving and tried shifting down and clutch went all the way to floor and stayed there. if i lifted it up and then tried putting it in to put in gear wouldnt let me and clutch stayed down again.after a 1/2 hour i tried it again and it worked then about 2...
  11. Z

    Lexus 1997 SC300 and 1992 SC300 Engine Question?

    Will a 1992 SC300 Jzge engine fit into a 1997 SC300 model?
  12. L

    1997 mitsubishi eclipse 2.0 turbo no oil pressure?

    i bought a 1997 Mitsubishi eclipse gst 2.0 turbo i rebuilt motor the people who owned it before me blow the timing belt and the hot rod it and then put a rod thru the side of the block now there's no oil pressure the motor runs great but the lifter are clattering and i can hear a rod knocking...
  13. NeedCar

    How can upgrade the performance of 1997 es300 Lexus? Paypal reward included!?

    I am already getting lowering springs, to make it more aerodynamic, although I am not sure how much that will help. I am looking for engine performance parts that are compatible with my engine, I already searched for super chargers, turbos, and other things, but I couldn't find anything...
  14. D

    how do I replace a blower motor in a 1997 GMC Sierra pick up?

    with air conditioning
  15. K

    1997 Volkswagen Jetta Oil Pan Removal Question!?

    So I removed the oil pan and the shield protecting the flywheel but now I'm left with this rubber piece. So basically I'm wondering where this goes?
  16. T

    1997 Chrysler Concorde?

    So I'm looking for a first car. Would this be a good choice? It's a large car, a full-size, so it would offer adequate protection. But should I really get a full-size sedan? Would that be troublesome or should I get something maybe subcompact?
  17. B

    What was Chevrolet's answer to the 1997 Oldsmobile Aurora?

    Ok the Chevrolet Camaro was the answer to the Pontiac Firebird. So, I'm wondering what was the answer the Oldsmobile Aurora? That thing had a beast motor. Basically I'm just looking for a modern day Oldsmobile Aurora. (2009-2013) It doesn't necessarily have to be a Chevrolet. But please just...
  18. C

    is it worth putting a pod filter/air filter in a 3 door 1997 Mazda Familia 1.8 DOHC?

    im just wondering if i should install a pod filter/air filter into my car. will it do anything like increase power and fuel consumption? or will it do the opposite p.s I'm from New Zealand if that helps. :)
  19. A

    Problems Shifting 1997 Ford Taurus Gl?

    I purchased a used '97 Taurus Gl a couple months ago with 147,000 miles on it. Recently it has been really hard shifting from gear to gear. From first to second, it can sometimes jolt you forward in your seat. From 2nd to 3rd the Rpms skyrocket to about 4 or 5 but mph doesnt increase at all...
  20. H

    Are Jeep Wranglers 1997 to 2000 worth buying?

    So i've been told several different things such as after the jeep YJ it became TJ during the years from '97 to '00 and during those years, they changed a few things with the car such as the leaf springs to coil suspensions (which is better) but i've also been told that since they began to make...