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    My 2003 Audi A4 1.8t 5spd Manual is hesitant out of 1st gear. It requires...

    ...alot of gas to not stall. Idle is800? The car is extremely hesistant out of 1st gear when accelerating. It seems as if it needs a ton of gas in order to get going at a reasonable speed and to not stall out. This car stalls very easily. The idle is at 800-820 which is fine. I also hear a noise...
  2. E

    Will Ian Bell open the batting in 1st ashes test?

    If not what will be Englands batting line-up BQ- Will KP be fit for the 1st test or will he even play in the series at all
  3. S

    how do i jailbreak iphone 1st generation 6.1.3 firmware?

    i have a feeling its not possible...... can i change the firmware ?
  4. G

    Can I Jailbreak A 1st Gen Apple iTouch & Use It?

    I wantto be able to play games like Ruzzle, & use the google talk app & whatnot..but I heard the highest I could go would be iOS 3.1. Would jail-breaking it help me update it even more? I'm not really a techy..I just want to maximize my iTouch to it's maximum potential.
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    Rick Nash on 1st Rangers playoff game: ?Had chances tonight, gotta be better?

    WASHINGTON, DC – Game 1 of the Eastern Conference Quarterfinal was the fifth playoff game of Rick Nash’s NHL career. It was his first since April 23, 2009, and his first as a New York Ranger. Like the previous four, it ended in defeat. “I would have liked to win. But the first one’s out of...
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    Is a 1st gen IPAD still able to function? (download new apps, etc..)?

    Hello, I am thinking about purchasing a 1st gen iPad. I also have a 1st gen iPhone. I am unable to update to the newer iOS with my iPhone, therefore preventing me from downloading most of the "newer" apps. I am wondering if I will run into the same problem with a 1st gen iPad...
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    What is Hazuki saying when I start up Tokimeki Memorial Girl's Side: 1st...

    ...Love for the Nintendo DS? Hahah.. Admittedly my DS emulator's sound is kind of wonky so Hazuki's voice always sounds really.. unnerving.. I'm playing a fan-translation of the game. It's going to drive me crazy if I never know, it always kinda creeps me out. I've noticed though, when starting...
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    Where can I find snow in So Cal March 1st? Dont want to travel too far up the

    mountain if I can help it.? I live in Beaumont & want to take the kids sledding, but not sure about heading all the way up to the ski resorts... Too tired! Does anybody know if there's still snow from last weeks storm in Idylwild, Angeles Oaks, Forest Falls, or Running Springs? Or if your...
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    I bought a new Motorola Droid (1st gen) on Ebay and it doesn't have a SIM card.?

    What kind of SIM card does it need? How much would it be? Where could I get it? (Online or store, it doesn't matter.)
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    Where can I hold my son's 1st birthday party outdoors in northern NJ?

    I want to have my son's first birthday party April 27, 2013 outdoors. Our backyard is not big enough for the amount of guests we are planning to have. The ideal place would allow us to bbq, set up tables and chairs if tables are unavailable, and possibly set up a bouncy house. We live in the...
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    Where can I marry my 1st cousin?

    I'm 16 and in love with my 1st cousin. We want to get married. The problem is that we live in Texas and are positive it's illegal here. Where's the closest state it's legal so we can head there?
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    Where can I marry my 1st cousin?

    I'm 16 and in love with my 1st cousin. We want to get married. The problem is that we live in Texas and are positive it's illegal here. Where's the closest state it's legal so we can head there?
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    My Citroen saxo is crunching into 1st gear? When moving slowly.?

    Hi there, My Citroen saxo 1999 has started to crunch into 1st gear when I slow down into a stop, it does it with no other gear but 1st. It has had a new clutch in the past year too. It does go into 1st with a struggle and big crunching noise. Any ideas and easy repair suggestions will be...
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    1st quantity forex trading strategies to sprucing your own forex trading method

    Getting some exercise is an established approach to weight-loss, however, many individuals do not recognize how useful it is to get a family member or friend "mate-up" using them while they are performing physical activities. An additional individual can provide enthusiasm to carry on by using a...
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    Im sure On the 1st T20 against NewZ Yadav and Vinnay Kumars name was on it

    but on the 2nd T20 there omitted? . the first T20 was abandon without a ball been bowled it now looks like India have changed the team for the second T20 what's going on ??? . . @RSRD i defo saw Kumars name on the sheet,,, i thought i saw Yadav but im not 100% sure .
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    1st W.A.R.N.ing Shots! - Sep 16,2012

    The Newly formed {tentatively named lol} W.A.R.N., the Whatcom Abnormal Research Network, heads Out for an All Nighter of Researching Abnormalities here and there and various places around Whatcom County. Youve been W.A.R.N.ed! Come with Us, to the Dark Side of Bellingham Washington & Whatcom...
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    Erin DiMeglio Becomes Florida’s Star 1st Female Quarterback; Media Confused About Her

    Erin DiMeglio is Florida's first female quarterback, and she's getting a very warm reception as she starts her season with South Plantation High School. Hard-working, hopeful, and humble, DiMeglio is pretty much the ultimate player; teammates, classmates, fans and family are all cheering for her...
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    Shannon Eastin To Become 1st Female NFL Referee; Gets Bullied By Sexist Pundits

    Congratulations to Shannon Eastin, a woman who will make history this Thursday as the first woman to ever officiate at an NFL game. She's set to take the field during the preseason game between the Green Bay Packers and the San Diego Chargers. There's currently a labor dispute going on with the...
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    U.S. wins 1st medal of London Games in thrilling men?s team archery final

    LONDON — The U.S. men's archery team captured the silver medal on Saturday at Lord's Cricket Grounds, the first medal for the Americans at the London Olympics. But they were one arrow away from their first archery gold since 1996, which instead went to the Italians. [ Photos: London 2012...
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    Will a 280mm lens be able to zoom into 1st base at row 30 at Rogers center?

    Should even bother bringing it? I am not sure how to reply. It is actually a 14-140mm from lumix. It is a micro 4/3 lens. I was told it is equivalent to about a 280mm at long reach