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    Is it possible to convert a 2003 Merceces-Benz CLK class to 2008 Mercedes-Benz

    CLK class with make-up ? I am planning to buy 2003 Mercedes-Benz CLK as 2008 models are so expensive and attach DTM body kit for it. But i think DTM is not suitable for CLKs with non-make up. So i wonder is it possible to attach make-up ( new looking ) to 2003 CLK and a DTM Body kit ?
  2. S

    Ticking noise in a 2008 Pontiac Torrent?

    I am looking at a 2008 pontiac torrent. Runs good, no engine lights are on. we started it, fired up fine. My husband opened the hood and said it has a ticking noise. I could barely hear it myself. You cant hear it when the hood is closed. It does not get louder when you accelerate. It is the GXP...
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    Would you buy a 2008 Audi RS4 or a 2010 S4?

    What makes more sense..buying a RS4 for high $30K with around 45K miles or a 2010 S4 for about the same price with 30K miles. I know I can chip the S4 to get it close to the RS4, but reliability might be a problem, unless I do many more upgrades. I drive a modded out 2007 A3 (APR Stage II+) and...
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    HELP: How to get AUX on Fiat Punto Grande 2008?

    Ok, so basically I got the car not too long ago, and I bought a lead which plugs into the back of the original car stereo... the end that plugs into the car stereo is YELLOW and this leads gives off and White and Red audio output. Then I use another cable which connects to the red and white...
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    My 2008 MacBook Pro is spitting out DVD-R's, and will not "read" their presence.?

    My 2008 MacBook Pro is spitting out DVD-R's, and will not "read" their presence.? This will be the first time burning a DVD on my laptop (have successfully burned many CD's). I have a DVD-R 16x, and when I insert the blank DVD, the laptop tries to read it, but eventually rejects the DVD. My...
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    WHat do u think about 2008 volkswagen city golf?

    can this car have any potential to be fast? what if I put cold air intake and cat back exhaust?
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    2008 mazda 5 vs 2008 Toyota avanza?

    2008 mazda 5 vs 2008 Toyota avanza what will win which is better i want to buy a family car
  8. Q

    2006 Lexus IS250 vs. 2008 Mercedes C300 !?!?

    From my personal test drives I like the Lexus interior and the Mercedes exterior. Anyone choose one over the other? I'm buying one to drive 35-45 miles everyday, all city. Personal experiences would be a plus :D
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    What are the shoes that Carol Alt wore in her Playboy December 2008 Issue?

    I would like to find the name and brand of the shoes she wore in that issue. I have searched high and low and can't find the answer.
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    2008 Chrysler 300 touring reliabilty?

    i am looking into buying a 2008 chrysler 300 touring rwd for 13000$ with 8 tires included with 59 000 kms on it. I know Chrysler has been horrible but, wat about the 300. any major conceerns and how much do repairs usually cost?
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    Honda Civic 2008 Radio Code? my sl no 30094694, vin : JHMFD16268S402083?

    Kindly Some One Help me with the radio code for my honda civic 2008 model; with the serial no 30094694, and vehicle identification no : JHMFD16268S402083;
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    purchased 2008 cadilac cts,within 30 days extended warranty had to

    replace engine , 2 wks later engine blown? again, dealership says they can trade at fair market price- it is time for 3rd payment -they have had car longer than I have.just need to know how to handle this, have ask management if it is time to get an attorney. thanks
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    Can I turn my a Mitsubishi Galant 2008 Car, into a racing car?

    Im not sure if its a GTS, Sedan, or a Ralliart. Im buying my uncles used car soon. And I was wondering what modifications would I have to do to make it a race car, or it is even capable to race.
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    2008 Mazda 3 AC not blowing Cold Air?

    Our 2008 Mazda 3 AC is not blowing Cold Air. It blows air fine and the heater works as well. I checked all AC fuses and they're good. The Fan and AC Compressor runs fine also. Through the process of elimination I'm thinking it is low on freon and needs a charge and might have a leak, I havent...
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    Can I install Bluetooth into a 2008 Toyota Camry SE?

    I'm looking to install a Bluetooth feature into my 2008 Toyota Camry SE. When the car was purchased, the owner opted to not have Bluetooth installed by the manufacturer. I have done a small amount of research and found kits that you can add, but none of them seem to connect to the car stereo...
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    Anyone know which is the better truck and why?? I'm trying to decide which truck to get. I'm looking for a nice reliable low maintnace truck. Got approve for both. Thanku
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    will a 16 inch steel whell from a 2003 Ford Crown Victoria fit on a 2008 Crown

    Victoria - is the bolt pattern? Will a 2003 16 inch Ford Crown Vic steel wheel fit on a 2008 Crown Vic with 17 inch wheels. Is the bolt pattern the same?
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    2008 chrysler sebring convertible?

    I'm turning 16 soon and I get a new car and I have a few questions. Is this a good car? Is it a sedan or sports car? Is the insurence high? Pros and cons?
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    Difference between 2008 Suzuki SV650 and SV650S?

    Is the only difference the style? Or is there a performance difference as well? Also, are these generally considered "quick bikes" along with Ninjas and other bikes with a similar engine size? Thanks!
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    Does the 2008 Infiniti G37S coupe come with 7-speed automatic?

    Im looking to find a 2008-2010 G37s and i want the 7-speed auto/Paddle shifters. But i know that some 2008 models have 5-speed auto but do most of all G37S come with 7-speed or is that only in the 2009-2013 models?