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    Mercedes Benz c320 2001 v/s BMW 325i 2005 which is better?

    MB C320 2001: 44,000 miles (ESP error displayed when I tested) / $10,500 / engine works nice / lady driven. BMW 325i 2005: 54,000 miles / $11,400 / engine works nice / less power than MB.
  2. M

    2002 BMW 325i Bluetooth?

    I have a 2002 BMW 325i enabled with Bluetooth. I can talk on the phone with people and make commands via my car. I was wondering if and how I can play my music from my phone using Bluetooth.
  3. R

    2005 Nissan Sentra Sedan vs 2003 BMW 325i sedan?

    So im debating hard i have 2 choices 05 nissan sentra 4cylinder 4door 93,000 miles for $5,500 but dropped to $4,500OR03 BMW 325i 6cylinder 4door 145,000 miles for $5,300 or best offerBoth manual.I was going for the BMW right away i mean its a beamer you know but then i have been reading many...
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    How much would exhaust cost on a bmw 325i?

    I am thinking about getting an aftermarket exhaust on my E46 325xi. I know this car isn't that fast and an exhaust wont make it fast either but I just like the sound of it a lot. I'm talking about getting a muffler, not an entire new exhaust. I just want one that doesn't make it sound like a...
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    1995 bmw 325i brake lights failure?

    Just bought this car and the console says brake lights failure, even after I replaced all the bulbs for the tail lights. I check my brake lights and running lights at night and they all work, even the front ones too. But the darn console keeps saying brake lights failure. What can the problem...
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    2003 BMW 325i worth buying?

    The car has 212K Highway Miles the guys selling for $4500 THE GOOD: *Tan Leather Interior *V6 *Bi-Xenon Headlights *Sunroof *Premium Sound *17" BMW Sport Rims *Synthetic Oil since day one of purchase. *25-28 MPG (Average) *2 Owner THE BAD: *Recently involved in a minor Hit and Run...
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    I have a 92 BMW 325i that needs a few parts ..?

    I'm wondering what all bmw models & years ect are compatable to use parts with this model.
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    2003 BMW 530i or 2003 BMW 325i?

    Which car should I buy and why? Which features does one have that the other doesn't have? Same price, the 530i has 150000 miles, and the 325i has 110000 miles.
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    1994 bmw 325i vs jaguar xtype 2.5 awd?

    so wuts faster a 1994 bmw 325i 5 speed manual or a 2003 jaguar xtype 2.5 5 speed manual.
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    how do i hide mileage bmw 325i?

    I am thinking about getting a 2002 bmw 325i and it has 137k on the clock. Is there anyway to hide the mileage from displaying on the dash?
  11. A

    how to use overdrive in BMW 325i?

    i have a 2001 BMW 325i , when i speed the car over 80 kilometers it does not shift gear to the next level. Is there any overdrive option on this BMW model? thanks
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    Should i keep my 1995 BMW 325i or go for a 2002 Acura TL?

    1995 BMW 325i 2.5l 6cyl manual 172555 miles : Everything is in working order. Aftermarket tailights headlights rims exhaust. Just want something a little bit bigger with more comfort and power. 2002 Acura TL 3.2l 6cyl V-Tec automatic 100000 miles : Engine is fine, test drove it the other day...
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    Is $10,988 too expensive for a 2004 bmw 325i?

    The car is in excellent condition I'm thinking about buying the car but it has 114,00 miles on it and I know the higher the mileage the more problems the car may have. So is this a good deal or should I pass it up?
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    2003 BMW 325i shakes when I come to a complete stop or in when in park?

    My check engine light came on a little bit after my car started shaking while at a red light, and I have to make a drive up to San Francisco on Wednesday (Im in LA), can I make it there if my idle is low, or need engine mounts.. or what do you think the cars problem is? Its a 2003 325i bmw, with...
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    2005 BMW 325i vs 2006 Acura TL?

    So what do you think of this matchup? I am trying to decide between the two. Which one is better overall when considering interior, exterior, power, comfort, styling, technology, options, ect. (Assume that the TL has navigation)
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    Will Sparco Stripe Long Pedal Kit fit a 1992 bmw 325i?

    my pedal has snapped at the bottom and moves around and is very dangerous so i was wondering if these sparco ones will fit because they are long just like the one in my bmw. im only 15 so i dont know much about that kind of stuff right now. but heres the link for confirmation...
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    My bmw 325i hazard lights WONT TURN OFF when car is shut off?

    Everything is fine until i shut the car off. Once the car is off , the hazard lights will keep blinking , the alarm lights. Its killing my battery, and I dont want to keep unplugging the battery everytime i park. Any ideas?
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    Im thinking about purchasing a used 2004 bmw 325i with 90,000 miles on it is...

    ...this a good buy? The car is beautiful jus like any other bmw out there the car is only about 10,000 dollars it has all the perks of a bmw of that year leather seats,ac,power windows etc. however the only thing that i want to know is if the car is reliable. I want to know if anyone out there...
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    BMW 325i 78,000 mi a good investment ?

    Trading in my 2007 Accord with 68,000 miles on it for a 2006 BMW 325i with 78,000 miles. Increasing my monthly payment by about $30bucks. Im not concerned $30 bucks but is this car worth investing in ?
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    how much does it cost to insure a 2000/2001 bmw 323ci and a 1990 bmw 325i?

    looking for my first car. im 16 and a male. completed drives ed and have a 3.0 in school. where will this get me? Please help!