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    How do I play music over bluetooth in a 2006 BMW 530i?

    I recently purchased a 2006 BMW 530i, and I want to play my iPod through the stereo. The only issue is is that the car has no AUX inputs, and the bluetooth on the car only works during phone calls. A friend of mine said that the dealership can put in a software upgrade, but those are around...
  2. S

    2003 BMW 530i or 2003 BMW 325i?

    Which car should I buy and why? Which features does one have that the other doesn't have? Same price, the 530i has 150000 miles, and the 325i has 110000 miles.
  3. E

    Best Exhaust For 2006 BMW 530i?

    I got a nice looking bmw so I'm looking for a nice exhaust for it but not too expensive somewhere around 600$ CAT BACK ? so what should i get i don't want it to sound growly but rather like an m5 a racing exhaust... so how close can i get to that and what type of exhaust system do i need...
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    What comes extra in BMW 2006 530i Sport Package and Premium Package?

    I'm looking to buy one with these 2 packages but I can't find anywhere what they included!! If you can please point me to where these are listed (For the 2006 5 series model) also I need to know each package on its own in other words don't just ramble specs without specifying which package they...
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    how does a battery last in a 2006 BMW 530i?

    slow starting slow starting- How is the battery life?
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    If you had a choice between a BMW 530i and a Honda Pilot, which would you choose?

    Someone is giving you a car and telling you to choose one. You will have to maintain and insure the car, and both cars are 2004.
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    cost of a 06 bmw 530i engine wiring harness?

    just the engine compelte harness. how much my dealer said 500 dollar and the guy at a auto body shop said 2800. what is the real price for a new harness.
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    Does my 2003 BMW 530I have bluetooth?

    I have 2003 BMW 530I, sport package, navigation has phone buttons on it. How can I figure it out if I have bluetooth installed in my car?
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    Thinking about buying a 2004 BMW 530i, would appreciate some helpful input.?

    I've been looking to buy a car for about $15,000 (that's how much cash I have saved up), and like any other 20 year old I'd like to drive a nice car. I came across a 2004 BMW 540i, it has every option possible including navigation, plus it has the sport and premium package. The car is in a great...
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    Is it a big deal in UK, if someone drives a new bmw 530i?

    i need answers from people of germany and UK.
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    i have a 1977 BMW 530i. My headlights, taillights and hazards work but my turn...

    ...signals dotn work.? i replaced my fuses, my brake light switch and my bulbs. And no progress. What seems to be my problem?
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    Does anybody own, or understands the Sunroof of a 1977 BMW 530i?

    It's very odd, my BMW 530i (1977) sunroof is malfunctioning. It is stuck in the creaked position. When you press the electronic button, she hmmmmmmms, but the sunroof does not move. I have tracked the humming to the back, and have personally watched a nut rotate in the trunk. Does anybody...
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    Info on 2000-02 BMW 5 series 525i - 530i before I buy one.?

    I am looking for a 525i/528i/530i. My price range puts me in the 2000-2002 with about 80-90K miles. Other than needing a timing belt what should I be aware of? Are there any common issues? Overall how do you like the car?
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    My 2002 BMW 530i's Stereo Is Quiet and Won't Get Loud after taking it out of storage?

    The speakers work but are very very sharp sounding and quiet, i can adjust base treble balance fade ect, but its not noticeable they won't turn up. It seems to me to be the amplifier, considering i checked all of the fuses ( i think! ) and the phone mute feature is not hooked up and i tried to...
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    1995 BMW 530i, any cup holders?

    so i just got the car and i have looked everywhere it seems and i cant find any cup holders, are they hidden real well or did the "fantastic german engineer's" forget that one
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    Problem with 1995 bmw 530i when cold?

    if i dont let it warm up for a while in the mornings when i go to put the gas on it like sputters, it feels like im stepping on the gas and letting off continuously, if i give it barely any gas i can get it up to speed, and it really not that cold were i am only 45 - 50 or so degrees in the...
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    2007 BMW 530i, Help needed how to use iDrive when it limits to 5 songs or...

    ...directories? I have an iDrive system in BMW 530i series, whenever i goto CD player and select tracks, i can see only 5 tracks, i tried to rotate the idrive to see the remaining tracks it doesnt allow. Also in communication - when i lookup for a directory under alphabet A, it will show only...
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    2007 BMW 530i or 2006 Lexus GS430 ..which one should i get?

    i'm about to get a new car for myself...i went to the dealership and there are 2 cars that i like..they seems like really close about performance and price and everything..pls help me make to pick a better car..thanks 1- 2007 BMW 530i - fully load with Nav - 25K miles 2- 2006 Lexus GS 430-...
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    which one should i get 2007 BMW 530i or 2006 Lexus GS 430 ?

    the 2007 bmw is better. it has 15k more miles but its an all around better car than the lexus plus its a little newer than the lexus.(and you get a free navigational system which is always a plus)
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    Where is the oil filter/cannister on a 2006 BMW 530i.?

    I have searched the internet. It appears as though some oil filter cannisters are underneath the car and some can be viewed towards the front of the engine. I see a cap when I open the hood but the cannister doesn't appear to be large enough to house a filter. Please let me know.