1. L

    dragonball battle of gods dvd rip 720p movie enlish subbed?

    the dbz battle of gods movie is already out with english sub http://battleofgodsonline.blogspot.com
  2. B

    where to find 720p video torrents with .srt file?

    i want to watch iron man 3, G.I. Joe: retaliation, where can i find downloadable torrents of 720p quality and most importantly with english subtitle (.srt file)? Please help i searched but couldn't find.
  3. G

    Is This the HTC One Mini, With a 4.3-Inch 720p Screen

    Following rumors about the future existence of an HTC One Mini, Estonian site forte.delfi.ee claims to be in possession of a device which fits that very description. Spoiler: if it's real, it's not that mini. Read more...
  4. P

    720p or 1080p or blueray rip?

    Which is the best resolution for when searching for a movie in like the pirate bay ?
  5. B

    LG 42" 720p Plasma HDTV (42PA4500) Gaming?

    Is this a good TV to play games on? I've done tons of research on this TV. Some people who claim they own this TV say that it is fantastic with low input lag (after tweaking some picture settings). Others just flat out say it is terrible for gaming. I need people with knowledge and experience...
  6. R

    where can i get download links for Skyfall (2012) 720p brrip - TS - XviD -...

    ...700MB - HELLRAZ0R? to download this movie pls visit http://wwy.me/PDQgQ
  7. K

    Play 1080p 720p HD MKV Videos on Nexus 7

    I just received my new Nexus 7 tablet yesterday, and it is really amazing for playing games and watching movies with it. But I have some video playback problems when I transfer movies to Nexus 7. I had many MKV movies on my computer and want to play them on my brand new Google Nexus 7, tried...
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    Would a 1080p video look better than a 720p video on a 480x800 screen? ( Samsung

    Galaxy S II )? I Just got a Samsung Galaxy S II and I want to download videos of any kind to show my friends the power of the Super AMOLED plus screen (480x800). So I wonder If I should download these videos in 1080p instead of 720p, am I right? would 1080p be better than 720p when playing any...
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    How do I connect my Turtle Beach X11's to my Samsung 43" Class Plasma 720p...

    ...600Hz HDTV? The TV: Samsung 43" Class Plasma 720p 600Hz HDTV Model number: PN43D430 I have Turtle Beach X11's, and I obviously want to use those for gaming on the Xbox 360. However, when I connect my red/white cables on my headphones to the audio out on the TV, no sound comes out of the...
  10. S

    How can i make 720p video files in to xvid files ?

    Can anyone tell me if there i a way to make that because my com has cooling issues and i cant watch 720p videos so i need to make them in to xvid files ?
  11. S

    How to rip blue-ray to 720p mkv format?

    Hi, i download many movies from torrents. I have a big collection of movies in my hard disk, its almost getting full. But most of all i like 720p quality. Cause i don't have full hd monitor, otherwise 1080p is best (but that rips has bigger size than 720p). Recently i've downloaded super 8 in...
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    Samsung 51' 720p Plasma Question?

    1. So i just got this today, and it is 720p. but when i was playing a PS3 game, the left top corner message came up and said it was 1920x1080...i thought the resolution was 720p...not 1080...so how is this possible? 2. I read something about a "break-in" period, can someone explain this or how...
  13. T

    Is the LG 32LV3400 720p or 1080p?

    I found numerous sites that support both claims. Which is it?
  14. J

    I Converted a Video On DivX to 720p but its still low Quality?

    The Video Was A (Avi) File and it was still low Quality After Converting It Plz Help!
  15. S

    How can i make 720p video files in to xvid files ?

    Can anyone tell me if there i a way to make that because my com has cooling issues and i cant watch 720p videos so i need to make them in to xvid files ?
  16. G

    Can Iphone 4 play 720p videos ?

    I really wanna buy one in april but i want HD videos too Please Answer.
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    Why do i get weird bars across the screen on 720p on my youtube videos?

    How comes i get these weird bars when i turn/ move etc. in my video? Its only in 720p... heres a link to it... if you can help me, i would greatly appreciate it... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BlYi1Tt75m4 thank you...
  18. L

    Would a 720p concert DVD look bad on a 1080p flat screen?

    I couldn't get the DVD in a larger format so I settled for 720p. Thanks in advance
  19. S

    The picture on my Samsung 32" 720p (LN32A330) now has vertical lines.?

    The top third is okay, the middle third has horizontal lines and blurred picture, the bottom third has colored vertical lines. What's wrong and how can I fix it?
  20. X

    What is better, Xvid or 720p?

    Another one is 1080i or 1080p. These questions deal with the quality not the signal.