1. A

    How do I hot wire a 81 Suzuki 850 motorcycle?

    I lost my key to my bike I have the headlight and all of the wiring hanging out I just need help on what wires to jump.
  2. Y

    will the sim card in my lg 850 transfer to an htc inspire?

    i have an htc 4g inspire on the way, its already unlocked but, if-and when i try to transfer the sim card will it be the same price I'm paying? will i need a new carrier and, will the old sim card work??
  3. C

    I want use GSM Sim Card with this Palm Sprint Treo Pro 850 Sprint Black Cell Phone

    CDMA? Dear Friends I want answer to use GSM SIM card with Palm Sprint Treo Pro 850 Sprint Black Cell Phone CDMA phone, I have buy it from ebay, but not working with GSM sim, Please tell me any way to unlock or any way to use GSM SIM card with this phone. Item specifics Condition: Used: An item...
  4. S

    Which is better: Carlton Airblade Tour or Yonex Nanospeed 850?

    Which of these is better on average?
  5. G

    How to add samsung WEP 850 earpciece?

    I have no idea how to add it to my SANYO ZIO cell please help
  6. J

    phone says GSM 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900. will it work on T-mobile?

    I have T-mobile, i might get Samsung A177 as a spare and my contract end this Feb will it work or do i need to get it unlocked. the guy at Bestbuy said it will but he kept saying to upgrade and get a touch screen, but i dont want to get t-mobile ever again........and i have a 100 gift card to...
  7. Q

    whats a 95 BMW 850 worth?

    ive been looking at a local one thats for sale he asking 6,500 the car is well maintained has about 78k on the odometer. what are some problems the car is know for? ive seen them sell for alot more just wondering is there something else i should be looking for? The idea is he wants to Trade...
  8. T

    how to lower shocks on a 1980 Suzuki GS 850 motorcycle?

    I just bought a Suzuki GS850 Suzuki Motorcycle its just a little too high for me someone told me i could lower the rear shocks but i dont know how can someone tell me?
  9. M

    Need UMTS 850 mhz for my Samsung Jet (S8000)?

    My Samsung S8000 (Jet) comes with UMTS 900/2100 bands (3G), but my service provider runs on 850 MHZ. Is there a way to enable / unlock the UMTS 850 MHZ band? Thanks to all!
  10. B

    96 Volvo 850 -Cruise control will not engage.?

    Recently changed AC Evaporator requiring removing dash back to fire wall. Since then cruise contrrol will not engage nor dash cruise contro lite come on. Any ideas would help. Thanks.
  11. M

    How to download photos in transcend ipod t.sonic 850?

    i just got a new ipod t sonic 850 and i downloaded from usb music but am unable to download photos ... help ..
  12. N

    I bought a 93 Volvo 850 and my window won't roll up!?

    Alright I'm a girl, I don't know too much about cars here.. but I'm assuming its a spark plug or something??? The windows roll down but they won't roll up. So when I accidently hit the button my driver's side window rolled down a little and won't go back up! Any suggestions?? Thank you :)
  13. J

    Question about replacing CV axles on a 1995 Volvo 850 turbo?

    The driver side axle on my 850 had a long-since-split boot with no grease inside. It had been clicking on left turns for over a year. I bought a new axle (not a refurb) from Advanced Auto. In removing the original CV, I needed a 36mm socket to remove the axle nut. The new axle came with a much...
  14. S

    What is wrong with my car (1994 Volvo 850 wagon)?

    When I drive at high speeds (basically 55+) I feel vibration and there seems to be a traction/slipping issue. More specifically, it feels like my car is pulling to one side or the other. I have looked at my tires and it seems like they are worn. Also, the area in which I live has a lot of...
  15. W

    Electrical problem with my 1994 Volvo 850?

    With the key switch off, all the idiot lights stay on and the fuel pump runs. When I remove the courtesy lamp circuit fuse (#3 fuse) the problem stops. Why?
  16. R

    I am driving my 850 Turbo Volvo wagon from Palm Springs to Alaska. My manual says...

    ...I can't install snow chain? I won't have room to bring snow tires with me. Am leaving end of April. The car has Winter/Wet mode. Are chains required anywhere along the way this time of year?
  17. J

    Which car is faster: 1995 Volvo 850 turbo or 1998 Nissan Maxima?

    Volvo = 222hp at 5200 rpm, 221 torque at 2100rpm Nissan = 190hp at 5600rpm, 205 torque at 4000rpm both have 4 speed autos both are FWD volvo is 3300lbs, maxima is 3000
  18. C

    1997 Volvo 850 A/C not cold enough.?

    The A/C on my 97 Volvo 850 has been checked by a service tech. He said Volvo just does not make very good A/C systems. I was flushing out my engine coolant and noticed that I can flush water through my heater core. Does the core not have a cut off valve to control this? Is the heat from the...
  19. S

    volvo 850 heating system?

    so last night my heating system just stopped working. I can feel heat if I put my hand up to the vent, but barely anything really. Help ! What do you think is wrong with it, the REC and A/C buttons flash when I turn my car on also.
  20. M

    What is the CD Player chassis size in a 97 Volvo 850?

    I am wanting to surprise my girlfriend with a new cd player in her volvo, but I was wondering if anyone knows if it is double DIN or single?