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    Juan Sebastian Veron comes out of retirement, donates salary to club?s youth academy

    Juan Sebastian Veron ended his decorated 18-year playing career in 2012 with Estudiantes — the club that started his career. He went on to serve as Estudiantes' director of sport last season, but continued playing by joining amateur side Brandsen. Winning La Plata amateur league apparently...
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    How can I join a football academy in Asia such as Japan and China?

    Please answer because my dream is to become a footballer.
  3. M

    Air gun!! Just for target shooting, will this one work?? Academy sports and

    outdoors ?? On a budget? So I want to buy an air gun just to play around and target shoot with until this winter, then I will buy a shotgun, to hunt with. I thought of these, bc I'm just target shooting stuff. 1...
  4. S

    Australian fitness academy, VFA learning or Australian institute of fitness?

    Which is better for fitness courses, such as PT? Better recognised course?
  5. V

    Porsche Young Driver Academy Documentary Goes Live

    Porsche released the YouTube documentary of the two-day boot camp for its next North American factory driver. Taking place at Barber Motorsports Park, the video stars four up-and-coming young drivers as they’re tutored by some of Porsche’s finest racers.
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    What is a better soccer team Tampa Bay United or Clearwater Chargers Academy?...

    ...I am looking for the best team? I am moving to the Tampa Bay area and looking for the best club to sign my son to. He is an excellent player. I would like to know which team would be better for him to join for Division 1 scholarships and a potential professional career. Thanks
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    beta blockers during the police academy?

    I got some shakiness in hand I noticed. Its nothing crazy but I want to address it before it becomes worse. I would love to be a police officer but understand how this can effect my chances. I also know beta blockers are used to help those with shaky hand but also treat depression and anxiety. I...
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    what website sell good hunting stuff like academy?

    like guns, knives, archery, etc thank you
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    is there a college that accepts lincoln academy?

    in august last year i had graduated from lincoln academy and i tried to go to university of pheonix they declined and lincoln academy said they were a private college. they told me that all colleges should accept but i asked them to give me a couple in texas around austin and they told me the...
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    Which school is better to get your High diploma Penn Foster or Lincoln Academy ?

    I really need help in picking one of these schools I want to get my brother the best one. Foster is pretty expensive, but Lincoln is a cheaper price. I just want to know which one is best.
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    Youth Marketing Academy: Who are the Influencers? - Oct 17,2012 Youth marketing is not about influencing the masses with the loudest, most creative campaign. Its about partnering with the market influencers. But who are the influencers in the youth market? How can brands reach to them? Chris Burke, founder of Arnette and...
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    What are the fees in Roger Gracie Academy Kilburn in London?

    I am asking about the academy in Kilburn, London, and not about the HQ, the Notting Hill academy.
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    Is Lincoln Academy High School Diploma online program a scam? I would like to know do it real , before I enroll ? did any one have any experience with this school ? Do any one know any good online high school please give me a link thank you
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    Is it possible to watch or download old academy awards shows, mainly,...

    ...those in the 1960s? I understand the awards show were filmed from the 1940s but i haven't been able to get a copy of any from the 1950 to the 1970. I have seen small clips on the academy website and youtube. I was wondering if full copies exist?
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    Lincoln Academy question, HS diploma?

    I am looking into enrolling in Lincoln Academy. It is an online homeschooling type of HS that you can earn your High School degree. I am wondering if there is anyone out here who has been in this program. It is affordable and I know I can move fast through the 5 steps in earning my diploma. My...
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    Can you get a Red Dot scope sighted in at Academy Sports and Outdoors?

    Does the Academy Sports and Outdoors in Victoria, Texas sight in scopes?
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    Prime Minister launches new high tech academy for South Auckland youth

    The Computer Clubhouse Trust (CCT) continues to ramp up their mission to provide access to high-technology skills and experiences that result in jobs in the ICT sector for young people in Auckland and across New Zealand with the launch of the High Tech Youth Academy.
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    Lincoln Academy Online High School Diploma.?

    Iknow people have asked and answered, but im not totally convinced, Do any of you guys and/or girls have done this? Does it work? Is i t accredited? I live in florida,and the have an office or school somewhere here, but i dont Know if i should trust them, please help me out. Thanks
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    American Academy of Pediatrics on the Delta Airline Video (and a petition for you to

    Below is a letter from the Amerian Academy of Pediatrics to the President of Delta Airlines. Apparently, Delta Airlines has decided to continue to show the video in question. Dear Mr. Anderson, The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) objects to the paid advertisement/public service...
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    what kind of music do they dance to in the ashburn academy of dance hip...

    ...hop class in virgina? i want to join a dance class & im choosing between this place and another place .... i want to know which place plays the type of music i like .. thats going to make my decision