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    Who's the worse actress: Megan Fox or Kristen Stewart?

    Kristen actually was really good when she was a kid.
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    Sexy Actress Joselyn Martinez Tracks Down Father’s Murderer

    [No message]
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    Bollywood Actress Suicide: Indian Police Arrest Boyfriend in Jiah Khan's Death

    There's been a surprise twist in the death of a beloved member of the Bollywood community. Suraj Pancholi, the boyfriend of Bollywood actress Jiah Khan, has been arrested on...
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    Who is the hottest newcomer actor and actress in bollywood and hollywood?

    Fr me its Ruslaan Mumtaz and Zarine Khan & Taapsee Pannu And in Holywood it wud be i guess Ian Somerhaulder and Deborah Ann woll.
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    I need pretty/beautiful/gorgeous/cute hollywood actress?

    Ideal: *Cute *Pretty *Gorgeous *Fresh looking *Look like a rockstar *Tomboyish but not much *Medium or flat chested *Decent looking Examples: *Emma Stone *Kristen Stewart *Emma watson *Amanda Seyfried *Ellen Page *Anne Hathaway *Keira Knightley *Olivia Wilde *Adelaide Clemens Finding for best...
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    i want to know this about the hollywood actress?

    is kristen stewart a good or bad actress?
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    Who is the actress in the Nokia Lumia 920 commercial?

    She is the actress who says "Search: One trick pony." She looks very familiar. Do you know who she is?
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    how about the Hollywood actress Shohreh Aghdashloo?

    does she bleed and shiit and fart and urine too? who is she? why is she much more fair than our common people?
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    What do i need to do to become an actress? HELP PLEASE!?

    So i've had this dream like millions of other girls to become an actress but how do i become one? Like in movies such as Emma Stone or Anne Hathaway. I don't consider myself an actress until i have gotten to that point which i know is extremely far fetched but i just want to know the basics...
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    Afternoon Links: 20 GIFs Of This Year’s Best Actress, For One Last J-Law Geek-Out

    •*20 GIFs of Jennifer Lawrence, because we know you’re not over the Oscars. (The Frisky) • What is it really like being a 30-something woman? (HuffPost Women) • How Oscar nominees got in shape for the show. (Well + Good … More » Afternoon Links: 20 GIFs Of This Year’s Best Actress, For One Last...
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    whats the name of this femele hollywood actress?
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    i'm in love with a celebrity? (hollywood actress)?

    i really love her i usually am sickened by societie's whole girlfriend/boyfriend thing, but in this particular scinario i have never felt this way about a girl before people say i am obssesed with her and i can never be with her i am 18 and i am playing tennis but i am not a pro so shall i...
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    Who is your favorite Hollywood actress?

    Who is your favorite Hollywood actress? And give the reason you like her.
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    which female actress has the smallest face in Hollywood?

    an actress that has really really super small face in hollywood
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    who is your favorite actors or actress who star in a movie that you don't like?

    Who is?
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    Who is the actress in Premium Rush who plays one of the bike messengers called to

    set up the flash mob? Towards the end of the film, when Wilee (Joseph Gordon-Levit) needs help, he gets Raj (Aasif Mandvi) to call up the other bike messengers to organize a "flash mob" because he "needs the cavalry". He first calls someone named Moosey, then calls a female bike messenger with...
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    How to become actress hollywood?

    it's has to be free. in be Manhattan i want try at it and it has to be from the of age of 16-30
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    Bad News Bears Remake Actress Sammi Kane Kraft Killed in Car Crash

    The baseball diamond lost a player. Real-life athlete Sammi Kane Kraft, whose baseball skills and 70 mph fastball landed her a role in the 2005 remake of Bad News Bears, died*in a...
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    How to become a Hollywood actress ??????

    im 15, asian, and not so bad looking (me in the avatar) my biggest dream is to become not just an actress, but a Hollywood actress help me please! thank you! :)
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    Who is the actress in hollywood with dark eyes that looksike just Megan ox?

    IF it wasnt for her voice i lcouldnt tell..