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    A Cheap Kokkia i10s or JayBird Bluetooth Adapter?

    I lost my kokkia i10s bluetooth adapter, and i was looking to get another one at a lower price. i found a couple at auction on ebay, but I'd prefer a "Buy It Now", but they are all over $49! If anyone knows where to get a cheap (under $30) Kokkia i10s or a JayBird Bluetooth Adapter in the U.S...
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    Can an HP BT500 bluetooth adapter be used between a printer server enabled

    router and the printer? I have an ASUS RTN66U router which has USB ports and has printer server/network printer capabilites. I currently have an HP Photosmart 2610 attached to the router via a USB cable. Can I replace the cable between the router and the printer with an HP BT500 bluetooth...
  3. D

    wifi adapter for toshiba blue ray?

    I have a Toshiba blue ray player model BDX2150 that is wifi ready. It needs a wifi adaptor sold separately ( of course ) to pick up the signal. I hooked up a netgear adaptor ( the one that you get with Dish Network to hook up the dish receiver to the internet ) and it had a real hard time...
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    Can I turn an iPad into a bluetooth adapter?

    I got a program for my computer called "Dolphin" which lets me play Wii games on my computer. Now I would like to play with a physical Wiimote but my computer doesn't have Bluetooth (Wiimotes connect to Wiis via Bluetooth). I have a jailbroken iPad with me so I thought to myself "Maybe I can...
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    Is it safe to use a motorola power adapter to charge an iPhone?

    I lost my iPhone power adapter, would it be safe to use a motorola power adapter instead?
  6. J

    best bluetooth usb adapter for under $30?

    just want a good bluetooth adapter with easy to use instructions
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    AUX male to stereo red/white adapter cable?

    Is there such thing as a cable with which i can plug in my aux into it and then plug it into my stereo? in other words a AUX male receiving end and a stereo red/white end. if there is what is it called? thanks
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    digital audio out bluetooth adapter?

    so i have bluetooth headphones, and a tv without bluetooth connectivity. the tb does have a digital audio output. is there an adapter that will plug into the digital audio out input, therefore allowing me to use bluetooth?
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    why do I need a wireless lan adapter for my blue ray dvd player?

    to get internet on my tv
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    Can I buy The Logitech new wireless Bluetooth adapter for audio devices separately?

    I want to buy Z506 and the new adapter from Logitech isn't in my country yet so i like to know if i can buy it later and connect it?!
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    Is there a Bluetooth adapter that does not use batteries?

    I am looking for a Bluetooth adapter that I can plug into my speakers via 3.5mm audio jack that will use the power from the speakers instead of an internal battery supply. My basic use is my iPod's Bluetooth hooking up to it and playing music through the sound system.
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    Bluetooth TV Adapter? I want to find a wireless way to have a pc tablet?

    I have a bluetooth capable Dell tablet and want to use the wireless capability to get it to project to a television or projector. Is there a receiver or adapter that I can connect to the television that the tablet can connect wirelessly to?
  13. K

    motioninjoy can two controllers be connected to one Bluetooth adapter?

    I have two ps3 controllers. if I buy a Bluetooth adapter can I connect both the controllers to the same adapter. also while playing fifa 13 using my ps3 controller my right stick doesn't works which means I cant do skills how to repair that?
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    I've looked online for toshiba sattelite c855 ac adapter.?

    all the online stores only seem to stock c600 series.will these fit c855 series
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    Does the Outdoor Tech Adapt Bluetooth Adapter work with iPhone's Siri?

    I want my snow helmet headphones to work with my iPhone without wires and I don't want to buy a more expensive adapter. Does anyone know if you hold down the center button, will it invoke Siri?
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    Mercedes-Benz C320 2004--music adapter?

    My friend has a Mercedes-Benz C320 2004. I want to plug my ipod into the car so we can listen to music. What kind of adapter would I need for this model car? Bandit--I can't use a cassette adapter because there's a CD player and the FM transmitter works horribly. Any other ideas?
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    USB adapter for car audio?

    I want to wire in an aux cable into my stock audio system. This part I know how to do but also what I want to do is end it with a USB plug in for my iPhone. I could power it through a car plug in but how/what would I do to get the audio into the USB? I know I'm the cord it's positive, ground and...
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    Will an apple Mini DisplayPort adapter work on a PC?

    I need a Mini DisplayPort adapter so I can use 3 monitors on my PC and was not sure if this adapter would work.
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    Where can you find a adapter cord for the video minister by Motorola?

    My dog chewed threw the adapter for my parents video baby moniter by Motorola I can't find a replacement anywhere I have tried amozon and google please help!!!!
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    Will i need a wire adapter if i get a new car stereo?

    I have a 2001 Honda accord lx with the factory stereo. If i get a jvc r730bt or a Sony cdx-gt440u will i need a wire adapter?