1. J

    Should I watch Adventures in Zambezia or Oz the Great and Powerful?

    Tomorrow I'm going to the movies with my friends. We really like comedy and adventure. Which one should we watch?
  2. P

    in nokia n8 symbian belle ,there is a problem on game the adventures of tintin hd.?

    Platform :nokia n8 symbian belle Problem:In my game the adventures of tintin hd ,after showing gameloft and paramount pictures(the intros) it goes stuck .Then it cannot be continuoed.It stops working.Can anybody tell a solution ? Thanks..
  3. R

    where can i watch The Adventures Of Merlin season 5 for free?

    i already watch the 4 seasons in netflix and i want to watch season 5 ONLINE FOR FREE. ty
  4. A

    The amazing adventures of a Brad Richards bobblehead doll (VIDEO)

    Brad Richards has played for three teams during his NHL career: The Tampa Bay Lightning, Dallas Stars and the New York Rangers. Outside of seven games in Russia during the 2005 lockout, he’s never played for an overseas team. All of this is to say that Brad Richards isn’t exactly a journeyman...
  5. M

    Do the events of ghost adventures (the show) actually happen or is it all...

    ...planned for entertainment? Just wondering if everything they do is real or not
  6. G

    Movie Night: The Adventures of Baron Munchausen By Brian Barrett One of the biggest c

    Movie Night: The Adventures of Baron Munchausen By Brian Barrett One of the biggest commercial flops of the late 1980s also happens to be one of the most wonderfully imaginative, whimsical, and downright silly movies of the last several decades. Not that you’d expect any less from Terry...
  7. D

    I am playing Sims 3 World adventures on my iPhone I am wondering where I find the...

    ...tuna and trout for recipe? I have checked out all the shops in each Country and I can't seem to find tuna or trout and this game doesn't allow fishing. Could someone please help? Thanks:)
  8. C

    How do I get a foreign sim to visit my house on Sims 3 World Adventures (iPhone app)?

    The game kept giving me hints that I could invite a foreign sim to my house. I haven't been able to access that option! Also, I wonder if it is possible to get a foreign sim to move into my house? Or maybe if I could move into their house? Anybody have any information on any of this?
  9. G

    Adventures in Defending Evolution

    NCSE's Josh Rosenau and Steve Newton sit down with the West Virginia University freethinking, inquiring, secular humanists, and chat about the rise of science denial, the ongoing battles with creationists, NCSE's new climate change initiative, and more. Where: Morgantown, West Virginia. When...
  10. V

    In the book the adventures of huckleberry finn, were you sad when buck dies?

    what kind of person do you think buck was? do you think it was sad when he dies? Why did it upset you and how did it make you feel?
  11. T

    In what passages of The Adventures of Huck Finn does Huck show disrespect?

    In the book I need some places in the book where huck shows disrespect to others regardless of their age or sex.
  12. K

    I've torrented ts3 pets, what will happen if I torrent ts3 world adventures now?

    Will it mess up my game? I'm curious if I can do that, or if I should uninstall, torrent world adventures, and THEN ts3 pets?
  13. B

    Anyone else think ghost adventures is the biggest joke theyve seen?

    I mean come on a bunch of guys acting tough talking crap to supposdly some ghosts acting like there gonna fight em or something. Then they get these fake gadgets that detect some kind of electonic noises then they try piese together words from these fake noises that could sound like a million...
  14. A

    Adventures in Officiating: Chargers’ Garay, Seahawks’ Brock get same $15k fines for v

    On Thursday, two defenders — San Diego Chargers defensive tackle Antonio Garay and Seattle Seahawks defensive end Raheem Brock — were each fined $15,000 for their below-the-knee hits on marquee quarterbacks. Garay's hit was on New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, and it came with 13:45...
  15. H

    What are some books similar to Illusions: The Adventures of a Reluctant Messiah?

    I really enjoyed this book and would like to read something similar to it.
  16. H

    Ghost Adventures on Travel Channel...?

    Do you think the show is a real? On a side note: Who else thinks Zak Bagans (the host) is really hot?
  17. L

    Why do critics argue that Mark Twain ruins "The Adventures of Huckleberry...

    ...Finn" by bringing Tom Sawyer back? Why do critics argue that Mark Twain ruins "The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn" by bringing Tom Sawyer back to "help" Huck free Jim? I dont understand why its a big deal
  18. S

    where can i find a torrent for the movie magic adventures of mumfie?

    i need the torrent for the 1996 movie of mumfie, or a rapidshare link.
  19. C

    Sims 3 World Adventures for iphone?

    I need help with a LOT of it. Does anyone know of any walkthroughs, hints, cheats, etc.? If you can, thanks.
  20. H

    How is the book the adventures of huck finn offensive to black and white people?

    how is it offending to blacks as well as whites?