1. R

    If you didn't agree with the Zimmerman verdict what are some things you can do about

    ? other than moan and groan about it
  2. X

    Can we all agree? Miley Cyrus is the worst role model in hollywood?

    She has millions of young girls who adore her from her TV Show Hannah Montana. Not to mention the fact that she's a singer in real life too, meaning she has those fans as well. It's just everything she does that makes her a bad role model: - Eating cakes with "private parts" on them - Flashing...
  3. C

    Do you think that Freddie Mercury would agree with what Brian May and Roger

    Taylor are doing? And is that why John Deacon didnt continue with them
  4. P

    Seriously, the hipster/swag/obey fashion trends are getting way out hand. Agree?

    I personally hate the fact that it's cool to dress like in obey, and other hipster and swag style brands. To the people who wear this garbage: Do you even look at yourself in the mirror? I am convinced that people are just doing it to fit in with what's popular, because any rational thinker...
  5. J

    Interesting topic read this one people. Can we all agree?

    I love freedom. I don't like anyone imposing on my liberty. I support the entire constitution of the United States 100% Communist (otherwise known as Democrats/Liberals) want to she'd the 2nd Amendment. Conservatives tend to shred individual liberties as well. I consider myself to be...
  6. A

    Ravens, Joe Flacco agree to terms on contract extension

    Three days before the deadline to use the franchise tag, the Baltimore Ravens and quarterback Joe Flacco have agreed to terms on a new contract that will reportedly make the 2008 first-round pick out of Delaware the highest-paid quarterback in NFL history. Jay Glazer of initially...
  7. L

    Do you agree with this perfect & clear way to GOD as told by Gandhiji in

    simple words? 1: Selfless Service, 2: Purity of mind and thought, 3: Surrender to God 4: Meditate upon Name of GOD. Gandhiji had above opinion and practised same till his last breath. HAY RAAM (O God) .
  8. N

    Isn't hard to agree to a deficit reduction plan when we're also arguing over the...

    ...role of government? A House divided can't stand.
  9. M

    Do you agree with my top 10 Heavyweight MMA fighters ever?

    1. Fedor, no doubt 2. Randy Couture 3. Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira 4. Bas Rutten 5. Mirko Filipovic 6. Dan Severn 7. Mark Coleman 8. Cain Velasquez 9. Igor Vovchanchyn (P4P, second only to Fedor. The man is 5'8 and competed with the big boys) 10. Josh Barnett or JDS or Overroid or Frank Mir, it's a...
  10. D

    Rant, does any one agree?

    having a little rant, does anyone agree that society is a fucking shit place know days, I'm talking to a friend daughter who's 14 and shes talking about how she snogged some guy at a party while she was drunk and now his GF wants to beat her up and its pissing me off do any teenager have...
  11. C

    I keep making promises to certain Gods of certain thanks BUT do not agree with...

    ...everything the religion holds? For instance Christianity: loving one another as yourself (THis is something I agree with) The Bible's Old Testament: (one of the most barbaric texts in religious history!!) The Qur'an (I love how it fixes up all the unnecessarally voilence we find in the OT...
  12. J

    discuss how far sociologists would agree that inequalities between men and...

    ...women exist within the home? I need a essay answer and this question is worth 12 marks this is for the new mark scheme you would need to write a introduction paragraph 2, paragraph 3, paragraph 4 and a conclusion thank you
  13. A

    Jamie Benn, Dallas Stars agree to five-year, $26.25 million extension

    The Dallas Stars and Jamie Benn have finally managed to end their stalemate. The Stars' forward has re-upped for five more years in Dallas, to the tune of $26.25M for an annual cap hit of $5.25 per year. The first year of the deal is pro-rated. The Stars have had a decent start without Benn...
  14. B

    Do most prophecy experts agree that there will be a nuclear war in the Middle East...

    ...before the tribulation? I have read some websites where they say a nuclear war in the Middle East is certain before the tribulation. The countries and people involved are Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, and the Palestinians. They are completely destroyed along with a part of Israel. They say this is...
  15. A

    Even when I was religious I would have cared too much for semantics to agree...

    ...atheism is a religion; problem? You're playing a sport; I am not. You diet to get thin; I'm lactose-intolerant. You're religious; I'm not. Like Bill Maher said, "atheism is a religion like abstinence is a sex-position." Science is not a religion either. Atheism is not 'practiced.' I can not...
  16. S

    Poll: agree or disagree.......a woman is like a snake?

    i think a woman is like a snake, she creates a false personality and then sheds it after she traps a man in marriage @Danielle.......tell me more
  17. A

    Report: Red Sox, Pirates agree to trade involving Joel Hanrahan

    Looking to solidify their late inning bullpen setup, the Boston Red Sox have a deal in place to acquire closer Joel Hanrahan from the Pittsburgh Pirates in what will amount to a six-player upon conclusion, according to CBS Sports’ Jon Heyman. It’s reported there will be one more player heading...
  18. T

    How many people agree with my take on the end of world Dec. 21st Mayan Prophecy?

    That 21 is the next number after 20 and before 22???
  19. D

    Anyone agree? old tv show?

    That freaks and geeks was a really good show?
  20. S

    Do you agree with my predictions regarding Obama and Fiscal Cliff and Sequestor?

    1. Obama will pretend to participate in "serious" negotiations with the Republicans in the House of Representatives to resolve the Sequestor, the Fiscal Cliff, and Debt Ceilng crisis. 2. As a potential agreement emerges, Obama will quietly and behind closed doors intentionally increase his...