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    IPhone stocks?AMBER ALERT?

    So the other day.. Monday I'm presuming there was a thing called AMBER Alert? What's that suppose to mean.. On iPhone stocks
  2. M

    Is the CAS (Copyright alert system) only towards torrent files?

    So I'm wondering if the CAS catches the Youtube to MP3, since that's what I use. Because I don't want to get my internet suspended or anything lol. I only use the Youtube to MP3 for acoustic performances that aren't for download, or covers, or scrapped songs from an album. I don't download any...
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    iPhone 4 Ringtone/text Alert help!?

    I just got an iPhone 4 yesterday. I have a ringtone that I set as my text alert last night and it worked. But earlier today, I connected the phone to iTunes, and when I disconnected, the ringtone stopped working. I discovered that when I go to set my text tone, it doesn't work because the...
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    Randall Cobb Fantasy Football 2013 Sleeper Alert and Projections

    [No message]
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    how i do i get my email to alert my cellphone?

    like when something is sent to my emailaddress i can get it sent to my phone if im not around a computer
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    Weird Baseball Alert! Alex Cobb strikes out all four batters in one inning, still all

    The latest episode of "Weird Baseball" takes us to Tropicana Field, where the Tampa Bay Rays right-hander Alex Cobb pulled off one of the more unusual pitching feats you'll see by striking out four San Diego Padres batters in the third inning of Friday night's series opener. I say unusual...
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    BUBBLY NEWS ALERT: The Bespoke Black Book is Back! - Mar 17,2013

    A Bubbly News Alert!! It is with great pleasure that we announce the forthcoming return of the online luxury lifestyle magazine, The Bespoke Black Book, which provides sophisticated individuals with a wealth of in-depth, unbiased and creatively written reviews by some of the most talented...
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    Cool Online Conference Alert: Using Yoga To Overcome Addiction

    If you're interested in yoga or addiction recovery, you might want to clear your schedule for this weekend's Recovery 2.0 Beyond Addiction Conference. The conference, which is free and happens completely online, is designed for people to "get inspiration + tools for successful recovery, optimal...
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    Is there any life alert device that can be used while a person is walking outdoors?

    We are looking for something for my elderly mother to use when she is taking walks and shopping to get help if she falls. She has already fallen once.
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    ALERT: Yahoo! Fantasy Baseball Pro Leagues are now open

    Yup, that's right: Yahoo! Pro Leagues are LIVE and open for business. Sign up today, draft your team, and in October we'll show up at your house with one of those giant golf checks.* IT'S REALLY THAT SIMPLE! Payouts have increased in both the PRO20 and PRO100 leagues, and you're free to...
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    What do you guys think of the new episode? I was sad that Axel was shot cause I thought he seemed like a good guy.. But im happy that darryl is back with the group and im not sure about rick's mental state.. And I hate the Governor, he needs to die
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    bell icon-NOT giving me alert anymore.?

    I'm NOT getting yahoo alert now (BELL Icon). It doesn't give me notifications anymore. WHY? I used to get alerts when stock prices goes UP or Down. Thank you for the answer,,,Caliban.
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    Ringtones as alert tones on iPhone?

    I wanted to know, if I buy a ringtone on my iPhone can I use it as an alert tone as well or just a ringtone? Thanks!
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    Oscar Race Alert! Moonrise Kingdom Tops The Master at Gotham Awards

    The little films that could totally did tonight at the 2012 Gotham Awards. Wes Anderson's latest funny, touching and out-there film,*Moonrise Kingdom,*was named Best...
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    Is there a way to set up an auto search alert to notify me of topics of

    interest that I would want to answer? I would like to know if there is a feature that allows for the notification of certain topics of interests (key words in a question) so that I can focus my time on those rather than searching for questions of that topic. Dare I mention Google, (hiss) but...
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    Feud Alert! Chuck Lorre Disses The Bachelor, Twitter Feud Ensues

    Two and a Half Men and Big Bang Theory creator Chuck Lorre has ignited a Twitter war after declaring his opinion on ABC's The Bachelor franchise.* Lorre called the dating show...
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    I updated my skype to the new version and it doesn't alert me when people

    come online.? It makes the noise but i doesn't actually say it. How can I make it so that when people comes online it tells me.
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    Service Alert! Blisstree Is Coping With Hurricane Sandy

    You might notice a little less content than usual starting today; that's because Blisstree's headquarters are in New York City, and some of our writers have been affected by the storm. We'll still be posting content, but we might be a little slower than usual over the next few days. More...
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    Red Lights? **Spoiler Alert**?

    Anyone see This psychological mystery/thriller with Sigourney Weaver and Robert Deniro? I'm confused about the ending. Did the young research assistant trying to debunk Simon Silver end up being the one with super psychic powers? If so, that is really stupid. I was starting to like the movie...
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    Missed Call Alert iphone 4?

    Having purchased an iphone4 on line I now realise that there seems to be no alert notification of a missed call. Even looking at the app store nothing seems to show up. Any idea