1. L

    Should I let my computer die or use ctr+alt+del to close a crashing program?

    I was working on a paper and, like an idiot, failed to save. Now Open Office isn't responding, and it hasn't for an hour, so I guess it's not going to. In the past, when my computer has died (but I wasn't having issues with a crashed app) it has given me the option to recover my work when I...
  2. S

    How to add Image Alt Text?

    Hi All, I dont know how to add alt text. dont even know that it has been added already or not. Please let me know <a href=""><img class="alignnone size-medium wp-image-707" title="Tiled Roofing Re-Bed and Re Point"...
  3. Y

    how can I make a big and colorful < LIKE> in face book by using < ALT CODES>?

    how can I make a big and colorful < LIKE> in face book by using < ALT CODES>? please just answer the above question.
  4. T

    I can't alt tab back into any full screen games.?

    Whenever I alt tab out of any full screen game, I can't alt tab back in right away. It takes several tries to get back into the game. It is annoying if I am playing a fast paced game and I just want to alt tab out for a few seconds but then ends up taking a minute or two.
  5. P

    Hard rock / alt metal bands like Chevelle and Breaking Benjamin?

    I like interesting vocals. The lead has to have an impressive range, so many bands like BVB have a singer with a generic voice and who use the same note in every song Growling and screaming is a must, not over the top, like Chevelle and BB Just a single vocalist please and no lineup changes...
  6. S

    My alt is 300 what does this mean?

    I am a 29 year old man.
  7. S

    looking to read a good "alt" love story?

    I recently got introduced to reading stories on fictionpress and livejournal, im still introducing myself as to how to find things i would like to read. Im looking for a "alt, emo, goth, punk rock" love story that is not homosexual romance (i know alot are really good, as a teen i read some, not...
  8. C

    Ctrl delete alt shift buttons not working?

    I was playing Sims 3 on my Gateway computer and I held the shift button to long. A pop up came up asking if I wanted to enable, disable, or change settings for my shift key. Well I ignored the pop up and then my game wouldn't let me use the delete button. So then I went to the control panel and...
  9. J

    Windows 7 'A disk read error occurred press ctr+alt+delete to restart fix?

    It says that on the screen. I'm pretty sure my computer is doomed.. Is there any possible fix to this..? Please help!?
  10. L

    When Gallstones pass, do they increase ALT levels?

    I had an extremely high ALT reading, when it is usually normal. But I suspect I passed one or more gallstones. Could the passing of gallstones increase ALT levels?
  11. D

    Windows 8 Alt tab issue?

    I updated to Windows 8.1 from regular 8 a few weeks ago. After I did this, any time I alt-tab from a game, the entire game crashes. Help?
  12. H

    My alt key and 7 aren't working properly....?

    Take it to a professional and have them remove the alt key and 7 key to make sure it is making a connection
  13. J

    Anyone have a minecraft alt to lend?

    hi i want to get back at a server. i need an alt to get on and destroy the server. i got banned and if anyone is willing to lend me their old account and an alt i would appreciate it. thanks
  14. D

    Religious indoctrination is dangerous, but why aren't many aware of alt

    health indoctrination? Alternative health and other forms of pseudoscience imposed on children from a young age (perhaps because their parent is a practitioner or strong believer) can be incredibly dangerous -- people die and are ravaged by diseases in which there is treatment for because their...
  15. M

    My NBA 2K13 problem after alt+tab?

    I am running NBA 2k13 on my computer, and when I've alt+tab it and return to the game, I couldn't move to select the three columns [mycareer, myplayer, etc]. And, when that happens, it means I couldn't select any options in the NBA 2k13 game? The players are all moving though, so I guess it...
  16. J

    Cant find the songs/band that I've heard on sacramento rock or alt stations,?

    the accent sounds middle eastern or Indian I think, I've heard two from them both songs are a little odd but have some cool basslines, sounds like middle eastern funk/pop/trance, kinda cool. one of them mentions the breeze blows at the end of the chorus's one of them mentions the breeze blows at...
  17. A

    what happen when i get 13 u/l result in my alt?

    i don't have any idea about low result in ALT. all I know is that high result could be an indication that patient has fatty liver or cirrhosis.
  18. R

    Where can I buy debiels alt in the U.K?.?

    Anyone seen this German beer in bottles anywhere in the U.K.? beers of Europe sell it but was looking for a smaller purchase
  19. M

    I can't open Minecraft or Technic pack but I can get into CTRL+ALT+DEL. Help I...

    ...don't know what to do!? Minecraft and Technic Launcher won't work but I can still open ctrl+alt+del and other programs can still open. HELP!
  20. G

    FM Alt and/or indie radio station?

    I need an alternative and/or indie radio station in Chico CA