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    American Museum of Natural History

    Who visited the American Museum of Natural History and see the collection of this largest museums of the world. [lmg],fl_progressive,q_60/v1416669055/iin0i8ik0i6it2uxr31g.jpg[/img] I went there after my 1000 islands tour from new york...
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    Hottest Girls Ever on American Idol: #6 Katharine McPhee

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    Hottest Girls Ever on American Idol: #5 Kelly Clarkson

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    American Apparel ‘Transexy!’ Open Call For Transgender Models Misses The Mark

    It’s no secret that transgender people are often censored and excluded from mainstream media. Trans* men and women are profoundly underrepresented, and when they*are*placed in ads or television or film, they’re either highly sexualized, sensationalized or the butt of a joke. This is not okay and...
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    American Chemical Society podcast: cotton is an eco-friendly way to clean up oil spil

    The latest episode in the American Chemical Society's (ACS') award-winning Global Challenges/Chemistry Solutions podcast series describes a report demonstrating that unprocessed, raw cotton has an amazing ability to sop up oil while also being eco-friendly. Based on a report by Seshadri...
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    Jackie Autry on recent All-Star game results: ?This is not acceptable to the American

    NEW YORK — Jackie Autry is mad as hell and she's not going to take it any more. OK, that may be exaggerating the mood of the American League's honorary president on Monday, but not by much. After being reminded of the National League's recent run of success in the All-Star game by her National...
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    is alexander graham bell american or canadian?

    like does his telephone invention count towards a canadian invention or american invention?
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    Which Episode of American Dad does Roger fall in love with Hayley?

    Pretty self explanatory.
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    The American Athletic Conference website is selling Big Ten and ACC gear

    It has not been a great launch for the American Athletic Conference. UConn is a member and didn't know who was in the conference. ESPN's geography was suspect at best. At the very least, you would think the AAC itself would try to avoid any missteps and promote the heck out of their new league...
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    What is the episode of American dad where roger is dressed like royalty and....?

    Roger uses a word incorrectly, Steve corrects him and roger yells at him for correcting the king or something. Then roger uses the word again. It's at the beginning of the episode
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    American Dad fans can you help me out?

    What episode is it where Stan Smith goes to some place and he's wearing all black dancing to " From the window to the wall " ???
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    What is a good position for me in American Football?

    I just moved from Germany so I don't know where I should try out for on my highschool team. All my friends wanted me to play but I'm unsure where? I play keeper in Association football or soccer i guess here, but I catch things pretty well at least soccer balls. I'm 6'4" 160(barely)lbs, and...
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    joining the North american hunting club?

    So I just joined the north american hunting club and just wondering what benefits is there? Will they send me anything for joining like a key chain or something? Thank you.
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    Can an American buy a car in Jordan and drive it to and around Israel

    for a few months? Vehicles seem to be a lot less expensive in Jordan
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    Is hollister,Aeropostale,American eagle, a&f in style anymore?

    Just curious, don't see it as often as a few years ago.
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    american's gaysssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss ;-D |br?

    .kkkkkkkkkkkkk ?
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    I Never Thought I Could Dislike A Show Starring Food Until I Watched The American Bak

    On Wednesday night CBS premiered its latest reality-competition series, The American Baking Competition. Unlike most cooking shows, which feature professional chefs, The American Baking Competition pits 10 amateur bakers against one another. The prizes: a cookbook publishing deal and $250,000...
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    Why is Christianity Considered Religion but Native American spirituality "folklore?"?

    Why is Christianity Considered Religion but Native American spirituality "folklore?"? Isn't there just as much evidence for their beliefs being true as there are for Christianity being true..... None?
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    American Idol Backstage Scoop: Keith Urban Reveals He "Would Come Back!"

    Can't keep up with all of the news regarding American Idol's*judging panel? Neither can they! Though Randy Jackson exclusively confirmed his exit from the Fox reality...
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    what episode of american dad does steve fall out of rogers window?

    In one of the episodes of American Dad, Steve is talking to Rodger and he goes over to his window, and he leans out and falls. And then Rodger says something. Then it goes to a screen, where it says, please excuse the intteruption? Or something like that, but it is HILARIOUS when he falls out...