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    Jose Mourinho doesn?t show for press conference, angry Brazilian journalist tears up

    Jose Mourinho did not show up for a press conference the day before the Copa del Rey final between Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid, so Sergio Ramos was left to field questions on his own. A Brazilian journalist in attendance was not pleased with this development, so he took out his frustration...
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    Poll : Do people get angry the person who committed Suicide for not writing

    Suicide letter ? Do you find this funny ??
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    New Beyonce Songs – “Bow Down” and “I Been On” – Angry Beyonce

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    The characters in Twelve Angry Men are not named. Explain how this reinforces...

    ...the universality of the themes o? Reinforces the universality of the themes of the play?
  5. K

    Tell me a story when someone got angry because they could hear the bass from...

    ...your subwoofer in the car? Did you ever have an incident when someone heard your bass from the car and got mad and confronted you? I'm interested in hearing any kinds of stories.
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    Do you feel Abraham Lincoln would have been angry over his assassination?

    This assumes continuation after death which I feel is a possibility. But that being the case do you feel Lincoln’s spirit or soul would have been angered over the fact that he was basically cut down in his prime? There’s more he could have done that would have given him a greater legacy as hard...
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    Tolong bantuan dan informasinya yaa. aku kan mau download angry gran run di

    google play(android market) tp ga? tolong bantuan dan informasinya yaa. aku kan mau download angry gran run di google play(android market) tp gabisa. ktanya " This app is incompatible with your device" utu gimana sih caranya biar compatible?
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    Why do you think some people get angry so easily and are verbally abusive?

    Why do you think some people are abusive and hot tempered to others? One of my relative always degrading his parents, always cussing at others who piss him off, and if something ticks him off, he'll keep cussing at them... Lots of times he goes out at night and comes home late morning.. and...
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    Maurice Jones-Drew holds out, wants new contract, is ?angry? with the Jaguars

    Matt Forte and Ray Rice may have brand new contracts to celebrate the 2012 NFL season, but that doesn't mean that everything is positive in the land of the elite running backs. Quite the opposite, in fact, as Jacksonville Jaguars back Maurice Jones-Drew, the league's leading rusher in 2011, has...
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    Hilary Duff's Baby Luca Looks Too Cute When He's Angry

    We know Luca isn't enjoying himself (and it surely can't be because of mama Hilary Duff's kisses), but we can't help but smile at that adorable pout! The actress tweeted...
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    The Bizarre History of the Vibrator: From Cleopatra's Angry Bees to Steam-Powered Dil

    Did you know that the first vibrator in history may have been invented by Egyptian Queen Cleopatra? Apparently, she had the idea of filling a hollow gourd with angry bees. The violent buzzing caused the gourd to vibrate and then... well, then, the rest is history. More »
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    Why did he think I was joking when I said I can't swim, is he angry with me?

    I was sunbathing by the pool in my bikini, one of the guys at the hotel asked me to have a swim with him and I told him I can't swim, he said to me 'are you joking' and laughed. He works as one of the animation team in the hotel is that shocking? And he still said, come and swim with him...
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    Still angry that those X-Ray Glasses never worked?

    There's an app for that! This is woo, right? Read the comments on this post...
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    what are some good angry music bands?

    stuff like Disturbed - Down With The Sickness, Prayer, Meaning of Life, etc. P.O.D. - Boom, Alive Dope - Die Motherfucker Die, I'm Back, I Am, Bitch, Linkin Park - Breaking The Habit, Numb, New Divide, One Step Closer, etc. Papa Roach - Last Resort, Breaking Benjamin - I Will Not Bow, Diary...
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    Can you stay angry at someone that's trying to make you laugh?

    This is the same person that pissed you off
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    Was this dog angry at me, did it want to attack me? I am not sure.?

    I was out for a night walk last night, I had my headphones on, and I heard a dog growling and yapping so I turn off my ipod and turn around and behind me is this little tiny white fluffy dog, it's like yapping it's head off at me and lunging towards me. so I was pee my pants kind of scared of...
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    How can I download Angry Birds on my Motorola Qliq 2 Android Phone?

    I've been trying to download Angry Birds on my Motorola Qliq 2 android phone; but whenever I search for it in the android market the only results that come up are add-ons for the game, not the game itself. Is there anyway I can download the actual game onto my phone either from the market or...
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    Looking for an old internet video with an angry kid screaming at his xbox...

    ...and tv. Cyroman? My brother showed me this video of a kid going batshit on people while playing online. He kicked his tv and xbox while playing halo. I'm pretty sure his name or the video was called "Cyroman" or something close to that. I really want to see this kid rage again. It was...
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    Taxes Questions and such? Im on an angry rant haha?

    Alright, so I tried doing the calculation for this, but it doesn't seem right. Someone check it for me? Im just baffled right now. So I know that the Government takes an average of 20-35% out of each paycheck, correct? Well say I was going to be a Social Worker. They make an average of...
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    Angry Moms Who Want Ellen DeGeneres Fired Are Bad For Our Mental Health

    Remember the angry moms who demanded that Ben & Jerry's pull their "Schweddy Balls" ice cream from store shelves because it was considered sooo offensive to their little darlings? Well, they're at it again. This time though, they want our beloved Ellen DeGeneres fired from being the spokesperson...