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    Summary of this book please--- I'll give you lots of points if you answer.?

    There is a book called the Chinese Girl Graduate by R. K. Douglas. Please tell me the summary of this book because it's depending on my life. I got too many F's this quarter and this is my lifeline of me failing this subject or not. I've searched high and low, right and left for this summary...
  2. S


    i want to lose about 1kg a week. will this diet plan be possible? breakfast: 1 fried egg with cheese, and 1 kiwi lunch: baked potato with chicken OR just grapes dinner: some rice and meat and vegetables( will vary) if i keep to this diet plan, and i eat only grapes when im hungry as my snaxk...
  3. J

    Answer this riddle....?

    A man, a Dick, a flamingo, an ambition. Wat happens next
  4. M

    survey: answer the questions according to your month of birth?

    JANUARY - how old are you?? FEBRUARY - how many boys/girls have you proposed?? MARCH- do you hate your ex??? APRIL -have you ever stolen money from your home?? MAY- do you sing and dance at parties?? JUNE- do you have enemies?? JULY- what's your qualification? AUGUST - are you single/committed...
  5. C

    Pop Quiz, Best Answer after 7 Days.?

    1. Who is the wife of William Shakespeare? 2. What is predominantly used as the title of a sonnet? 3. What country did the Waltz originate from? 4. In terms of monetary wealth, who was the most corrupt president in the world? 5-6. What are the 2 African countries never colonized? 7. Who is the...
  6. B

    Try and answer this riddle?

    If you order me to charge, I'll fall back. If you order me to speak, I'll be silent. When I'm ordered to retreat, I'll assault. What am I? None of the answers are correct
  7. J

    Sprint smartphone sale? which should i get? PLEASE ANSWER! I WILL GIVE 10 POINTS

    FOR A GOOD ANSWER!? My piece ofshit phone broke in March and my upgrade is August 1st and i so excited to finally have a phone again! When i got my phone December 2011, it was on a special sale thatyou didnt have to pay extra for the smartphone option. My phone was the Samsung Replenish, which...
  8. J

    any1 knows the answer to this riddle?

    You used to wake up at 7 am , your friend came to meet you at 6:30 am for the breakfast , You only have bread in one oven , Honey and milk in bottle
  9. S

    Who can answer this tough riddle?

    I get paid to shoot people, then blow them up. What am I? Hint: _ _ _ _ _ - _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Use the letters HWPQAAETOGRHOGPR
  10. R

    Answer to joke/riddle?

    My uncle mentioned a joke early and all he stated was " Mary fell into a mud hole" and then everyone was like ooh that's a dirty joke. But I didn't get a chance to ask what it meant because there were little kids around and I wanted to know if anyone knew because it's driving me nuts. I know the...
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    Poll/Survey, just some questions for you to answer?

    1. If you could only live with one drink for the rest of your life, which would you choose? & you can't choose water. 2. What's your favorite snack? 3. If you could only use two electronics (With wifi) for the rest of your life, which one would you use? 4. What are your favorite movies?
  12. T

    Please answer this question for me i really want to know.?

    If u had been an animal and got took cared by a human because u were hurt and then abandon by them for ur good but u loved them. would u risk ur life knowing u would die after two months of transforming into a human and losing ur memory of the past that u will be able to be in love with the...
  13. P

    why sometimes we remember the right answer after the quiz?

    happens to me lately
  14. I

    What is the answer to this riddle?

    Ok so a guy picks his son up from school. He gets into a car accident. The guy dies and his son lives. He gets rushed to the hospital, and the nurse comes in and says: "THAT'S MY SON!" Who was the nurse?
  15. A

    Guys, who play FOOTBALL---->" soccer" please answer <3?

    I was just wondering, what type of girl you would go out with,like...girly,shy,sporty,popular,loner,soccer player,etc..... Or please describe your dream girl...Thanks :) <3333
  16. L

    answer to this riddle please?

    this is a man Give him a R and the man is a girl Give the girl an O and she is a super man if you give the super man a N before an I the super mans a super woman what order am i talking about? i can not figure it out Hellllllllllllllpppppppp
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    i have an awesome riddle, first to answer gets ten points!!!?

    The first person that tells me how they can speak for an entire minute without using the letter a gets ten points! Rules: has to be simple, cannot make up a story, no talking slowly, has to be at least one hundred words. The answer is simpler than you think, have fun!!! :-D Congrats Justin you...
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    Christians please answer? serious answers no disrespect?

    Friends i am Muslim an i wanna know the concept behind your belief regarding Essa Jesus which is confusing me. I hears many Christians saying that Jesus is Son of God and he was killed on a cross shape of thing which we see in churches how would he return back ? Some Christians called him God...
  19. R

    please help quiz...can't get this answer :(? last question for my online quiz!! please help!? The local cafe offers 3 different entrees, 10 different vegetables, and 4 different salads. A "blue plate special" includes an entree, a vegetable, and a salad. How many different ways can a special be constructed? thank you all...I...
  20. A

    In answer To roger a few minutes ago?

    I don't want To be insulting but your advice is crazy talk. as soon as I knocked this guy off his bike he was up on his feet and turned his recorder on sneakily . then took photos. I went To police and they told me he was in hospital with a bad leg injury. I feel real bad about it all.