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    Is an ATT Iphone 3GS T-mobile compatible?

    Anybody know about ATT Iphone compatibility with Straight talk by use of a SIM card? I'm not much of a techie and don't know where else to look. The Straight talk website is not helpful.Though I am aware the phone would need to meet these requirements: "T-MOBILE COMPATIBLE GSM PHONE, OR AN...
  2. M

    trying to get an unlocked att samsung rugby 2 internet to work on straighttalk?

    i think i tried every thing ive read online my current settings are att.mvno Auth type (opt) none User ID password Protocol WAP Home URL hrrp:// Proxy address linger time (sec) 300 but i also tried • APN Name: Straight Talk • APN: att.mvno • Proxy...
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    How do I get a pay-as-you-go Nokia 1110 phone from Egypt to work with my U.S. ATT... go SIM card? The phone seems to work, but it will not acquire the ATT network in Seattle.
  4. J

    how much energy does a att 2wire modem use? Should I upgrade modem($100)

    to save on electric bill? I have att internet and they told me I can get a new modem that runs on fiber optics, blah blah. BUT it is the same speed that I already have (3Mbps) AND they want $100 for it. I know that my 2wire is two years old, so it is not as energy efficient and fast as the new...
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    Att and Verizon not charging me a deposit?

    I wanted to see what the deposit would be with att and Verizon and after I put all my information it didn't ask me for a deposit? Those that mean I don't have to pay for the deposit? I tried with sprint and it did ask me for a $200 deposit. BTW I want the iPhone 5. Any help thanks
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    Att phones, Samsung 4g to iPhone 3gs?

    Can I simply switch the SIM card in my Samsung rugby smart which is 4g, to a used iPhone 3GS and it work? Same carrier on both.
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    Is the Sony Ericsson Xperia Play 4G smartphone available in Maryland on ATT?

    I want to upgrade, but I can't seem to find it on their website... I was wondering if it was available in the state of Maryland. Also,can someone give me a link to att on the phone? Thanks in regards. I KNOW AT&T has it. If I search the phone it gives me the price for the screen protector and...
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    I found an iphone 4 and i need to know if i can activate it with t mobile or att?

    i found this iphone 4 and its look new and i myself have a crappy metro phone. im thinking of switching to tmobile or att or any other gsm carrier other there that takes sim cards. like simple mobile or straight talk. but i dunno if i will b able to activate it. how do i know. can i do it?
  9. N

    What smartphone for att?

    I can't decide between the s3 or the note 2 it almost comes down to price really and my gf is no help she likes her dumb phone....
  10. Q

    i have a att lg cu 9 phone can i buy a tmobile sim card for it and it will... or can i buy a sim from att an? i buy a att sim and make it work like the prepaid ones i don't want locked into a plan for 2 years
  11. H

    I have an IPhone for att?

    I want to switch over to att. I have an att iPhone, but I haven't activated it. I was wondering, if i have the iPhone, can I still get the $50 no contract plan?
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    att nokia lumia 920 unlock?

    i bought this from at&t but i cant seem to get it unlocked where can i get it unlocked somewhere trustworthy and that accept paypal and from experience please.
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    att iphone- how long should a credit check take online?

    I received an email right after I went online last night to buy an iphone with a new plan. It stated that they will email you if there was an issue after the credit check. I have yet to get anything. I checked my credit card statement and it shows a 2 pending transaction for att. One of them for...
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    What are some good pda full touch screen att quick messaging phones? please help

    (10 pts)? im trying to find a new phone and i love the boxy big flat screen pda phones like the lg incite or the lg vu but i need it to be an att quick messaging phone. what are the names of some phones that are close to that? thank you.
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    Can the sony ericsson xperia play be an att quick messaging phone?

    so i need a new phone and im wanting the sony ericsson xperia play (yes the playstation phone) i have one small problem tho, i can only get an att quick messaging phone. is it possible to have the xperia as a quick messaging phone?
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    What's cheaper. att or Verizon?

    which one is cheaper for monthly payments for unlimited texting, internet, and talk.
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    What would happen if i put an ATT housing for iphone 4 onto a Verizon iPhone4?

    What would happen if i put a ATT housing on my Verizon iPhone4? The housings both look the same, i just want to know before i order one.. Thanks!
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    ATT Cellphone question?

    A while ago I got the HTC Inspire like the day after it came out. Recently I have been having problems with the phone I want to trade it in for an iPhone 4S. If I go to the ATT store can I trade it for an iPhone 4S or will I have to buy the iPhone at full price? Thanks for your answers!
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    Can anyone please give me the unlock code for ATT LG-p506 cell phone?

    its so i can unlock it and use on tmobile
  20. W

    att or verizon for iphone 4s?

    looking for a new phone, either att or verizon, which has the best unlimited plan? i wanna join the iphone club :)