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    Are Winter Heart Attacks Linked to Effects of Cold on Body Fat?

    A new study suggests one reason heart-related deaths go up in winter is because the cold causes brown fat to accelerate the build-up of plaque in blood vessels. Researchers from Sweden and China, who made this breakthrough discovery while studying mice, write about their findings in the...
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    what's wrong with staging a recreation of the 1945 A-bomb attacks over Japan?

    sounds great fun to me and a good family day out.. get to see a firework show and a flying b29.. so long as it's minus a real a-bomb that is.. A major US air show has canceled plans to stage a re-enactment of the World War II atomic bomb attack on Hiroshima following complaints that it was...
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    New Drug May Decrease Asthma Attacks By 87%

    A novel, lab-made molecule was able to stick to certain inflammatory proteins and decrease and minimize acute breathing issues among people with moderate-to-severe asthma, according to new research by the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine. The findings were published in the New...
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    can anyone give me a list of famous u boat attacks in history?

    just a small to medium size list of the famous u boat attacks from before world war 1 to after world war 2 thank you. I will after proceed to do a research assignment i just need help i nstarting
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    PFW draft guide clobbers another top QB prospect with questionable personal attacks

    For the second time in three years, Pro Football Weekly's Nolan Nawrocki has taken it upon himself to warn us of the dangers of that most suspect of characters -- the highly athletic top quarterback draft prospect. In his draft report detailing the pros and cons of West Virginia's Geno Smith --...
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    Illinois Governor Pat Quinn attacks own alma mater after it fires his brother from ho

    Everyone knows that high school sports hit close to home for most Americans. The average two-child family is likely to have at least one child who competes in some interscholastic sports in high school or middle school, a process which draws them into their own community’s sports, and often prep...
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    Anonymous Attacks Westboro Baptist Church Over Sandy Hook Funeral Protest

    Following the Sandy Hook shooting tragedy, the Westboro Baptist Church is unsurprisingly stirring up controversy by doing one of the things they do best: being assholes and picketing funerals. Your friendly, faceless, neighborhood hacking group Anonymous has responded by doing what they do best...
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    I get anxiety attacks when people laugh, ....?

    It's whn I hear people laugh, if I see people smiling and talking, I could be in my room on my laptop, and I'll hea my roommates laughing outside my room and I freak out.
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    History Essay – religion caused the 911 attacks?

    i need to write an essay on the statement '911 was an evil act perpetrated on innocent people in the name of religious fanaticism” but I'm lost for ideas, could someone give me some pointers? thankyou xx
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    Strange that Republicans Blaming Obama on Embassy Attacks when 9/11 Happened why

    didn't they blame Bush? I think it's really strange to see today republicans attacking Obama, politicizing the death 4 american's. The republicans argument was something about the White house knew something might happened but did nothing about it.. But that makes me think about the Bush...
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    Why Heart Attacks Cause So Much More Damage In Late Pregnancy

    Heart attacks during pregnancy are uncommon, but the prevalence of heart disease in pregnant mothers has increased over the past decade as more women delay pregnancy until they are older. These women, who are generally less physically active than their younger peers, tend to have higher...
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    Coverage Of Terrorist Attacks On TV: Viewing Increases Pain Intensity

    "Exposure to media coverage of terrorist missile attacks increases pain levels in people already suffering from chronic pain," according to a new study by Ben-Gurion University of the Negev (BGU) researchers. "Does War Hurt? Effects of Media Exposure After Missile Attacks on Chronic Pain,"...
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    Stem Cell Treatment Of Heart Attacks May Be Improved By 'Master Molecule'

    Johns Hopkins researchers have discovered that a single protein molecule may hold the key to turning cardiac stem cells into blood vessels or muscle tissue, a finding that may lead to better ways to treat heart attack patients. Human heart tissue does not heal well after a heart attack, instead...
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    ‘Consumer Freedom’ Org Attacks Big Soda Ban By Putting Bloomberg In A Dress

    Mayor Bloomberg's plan to ban big soda has come under hard scrutiny from every direction; even some health industry leaders are skeptical that this will really make America less obese or more healthy. We've been somewhat divided here at Blisstree (of course, banning 60-ounce cups of soda hardly...
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    Anti-Abortion Group Unfairly Attacks Planned Parenthood For Sex-Selective Abortions

    An anti-abortion group is attacking Planned Parenthood again. This time, they have gone undercover and released a video showing a Planned Parenthood employee supporting a pregnant woman who wanted a late term, sex-selective abortion if the fetus was a girl. It's a controversial investigation...
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    Research Links Abacavir Hypersensitivity Reactions In HIV To Attacks By Body's Own Im

    Potentially severe hypersensitivity reactions to the anti-HIV drug abacavir occur through an autoimmune mechanism, resulting from the creation of drug-induced immunogens that are attacked by the body's immune system, according to a study published online by the journal AIDS, official journal of...
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    DTotD: Romanian derby abandoned after keeper attacks goal post then opponent

    According to 101 Great Goals, the derby match between CFR Cluj and Universitatea was abandoned when things got out of hand after a dubious penalty was awarded to Cluj in the 27th minute. Cadu converted the penalty and went to celebrate behind the goal as Universitatea keeper Mircea Bornescu took...
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    Why do all John Cena fans whine and cry when someone attacks and beats their hero?

    Like when the Rock owned Cena on the mic or Brock whooped the hell out of him they cry saying neither guy loved the WWE...John Cena fans are selfish let other fans enjoyit because we put up with John Cena for years and now he isn't gonna be the face they cry you idiots WWE will tank if it...
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    Do I have the right to defend myself from these attacks?

    My mother has Alzheimer's. She has become extremely violent. She refuses to take medication and under the law in this state she cannot be forced to. She also cannot be put in a home against her will. In the last year she has tried to push me down a flight of stairs(twice), stab me in the...
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    Do I have the right to defend myself from these attacks?

    My mother has Alzheimer's. She has become extremely violent. She refuses to take medication and under the law in this state she cannot be forced to. She also cannot be put in a home against her will. In the last year she has tried to push me down a flight of stairs(twice), stab me in the...