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    International Driving: Stockholm, Sweden-Perth, Australia?

    I am planning a sort of 'rally' or international trip for my future beginning in Stockholm, Sweden and finally ending in Perth, Western Australia. I have done plenty of research concerning similar trips, such as the London-Sydney rally and the Mongol Rally. I am needing further advice though...
  2. A

    Best place in Melbourne Australia to learn Tantric sex?

    There are plenty of options when I look online but please tell me which one is best if anyone knows. Serous answers only please!
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    Aussies, do you enjoy visiting ghost towns in your travels around Australia?

    The list seems to be growing as more and more people move to the cities.
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    Travelling the East Coast of Australia (Sydney - Cairns) what is the best

    month to go in terms of weather? I would like to go when it is warm but I'm not a lover of very hot weather or humidity. I was thinking of going in either November or December as I know November is the end of Spring and December the beginning of Summer so was hoping the temperature would be nice...
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    My daughter is in Australia and cannot get her blackberry 9700 to work.?

    It has a uk Vodafone sim in it on pay as you go. Bb services has not been activated. It try's to connect to a network then disconnects. Any idea how to get it t work, only need it for text service. Many thanks
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    When I came to Australia Gough Whitlam had been sacked from the PM job by then

    GG John Kerr? How did Kerr get the power to sack Gough and his Labor government from power when they were elected by the Australian people? Malcolm Fraser and the Liberals were put in charge as an interim government by the GG Although it happened a long time ago don't you think that it was a...
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    Australia had Matt Hayden and Langer. Now, They have Watson and

    Roger's/Cowan to open for them? Cook = Watson + Rogers + Cowan? Agree or Disagree?
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    how much does it cost to ship a 47" tv from Australia to New Zealand and... do I go about doing this? I moved to Australia recently for job opportunities, but it fell through due to fraud. During this time I bought a cheap 47" tv and I am sure I won't get the same deal in NZ so I would like to ship it to New Zealand.
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    Do you think Chris Rogers will be the best batsman for Australia in the Ashes?

    He is a guy who has learned his trade through playing County Cricket so actually knows how to bat. My money is on him being the top run maker for Australia.
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    Is adventure time season 2 out on DVD in Australia yet?

    I've looked at multiple stores sights ( jb, sanity ect.) but they all seem to not have it even though the release date was the 4th of June :0
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    Bounty Hunting in Australia?

    Is it hard to become a bounty hunter? Ever since I was a little girl, I've always wanted to become a bounty hunter. And how do you become a bounty hunter? Thanks
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    When does Glee season 4 come out on DVD in Australia?

    I'm an Aussie Gleek, and lastnight season 4 of Glee finished airing on tv. Does anyone know when it's gonna come out on DVD? Big help, biiig. help. Andrew, 'mate'? I'd rather be Aussie than American, especially if it involves setting foot in the same country as retards like you. But thanks for...
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    if anyone knows a website that ships tarte to australia please link it down below
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    Is it illegal to jailbreak an iphone in australia?

    I know it wasn't illegal 2-3 years ago, but I cant find any information saying it isn't. is it still legal? my iPhone has lost its warranty, so I want to jailbreak my Iphone and personalise it more to suit me. plz help.
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    Sponsor visa (e600) to Australia, Does the applicant have to live with the Sponsor?

    i want to know if the applicant must live with the sponsor or may they live with another family member while there?
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    Why do Australia get movies (in cinema and dvd/blu-ray) so much later than other

    countries? I know it sounds strange but this is one of the worst things about living in Australia is that alot of other countries have movies released in cinema and Blu-ray months and months before we do. Why?? It is not fair!!
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    What human rights do we have in Australia?

    Please help me, my homework on this is due tomorrow and NO SITES have the info I need please help! Please?!?!
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    How to add bluetooth device to my TOSHIBA Satellite L850 Australia Windows 8 Pro?

    When I go to PC settings then devices it searches for a device but it doesn't find my device it finds no device and I went to device manager and I connected my phone to the pc it showed my device but with a yellow mark and under other devices section. If you can please help me
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    Any Minecraft servers in Australia?

    Hi! well im new to minecraft and i just want some -Creative servers that you can recommend to me, it has to be in australia (sydney) if not at sydney at least somewhere in australia -NO WHITELIST -NO HAMACHI -SERVERS THAT LET ME BUILD MY OWN HOME W/FOOD AND HUNGER BARS -IN AUSTRALIA ONLY...
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    How much and how long would it take to travel Australia?

    Im 21 and would love to travel Australia with my partner while we are still young. I want to know how long would it roughly take to travel around the coast and how Much it might cost. Also along the way we would be looking for work to help pay for some of the traveling eg. Working in small towns...