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    How can I do a pop a wheelie on a honda airblade??... Its a automatic bike..?

    I have a honda airblade 110cc automatic bike.. I know for a fact you can pop a wheelie on any bike.. any advice though?
  2. A

    How to build an automatic bell tower in minecraft?

    I would like my bell tower to chime automatically at a set interval of time. I am am having trouble determining how to do this or whether or not its even possible. Any tips, ideas or solutions would be great.
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    If you have enough money to buy a porsche 911 would you buy a manual or automatic?

    And why???????
  4. J

    How much fluid does an automatic nissan altima take to drain and fill the

    transmission? reg maint 03 2.5 4 speed
  5. V

    should i turbo my AUTOMATIC 98 VW gof 2.0?

    i really want to add more power to my golf, but i don't know where to start? is it worth it to turbo an automatic first of all? or what should i do to upgrade my 2.0 engine? or my ecu?
  6. J

    Is there a chevrolet camaro ss 1969, with automatic transmission?

    If not, any similar sort of muscle cars with automatic transmission? I don't like driving stick.
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    Automatic Auto tune for pc?

    Is there an auto tune that will auto tune my voice through the mic on games? It'd be a lot of fun to use and mess with people lol. If you need to know what mic I use, I use the one on the Turtle Beach PX21 headset.
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    is it safe to use castrol transmax z for alfa romeo 147 semi automatic?

    is it safe to use castrol transmax z transmission fluid for alfa romeo 147 semi automatic?
  9. S

    Mitsubishi eclipse gt 2000 help! v6 automatic?

    the engine has 3 "sensors" the middle one is "not working properly" so the car shuts down in the middle of traffic. :( (most of the time). Do I have to replace all the wires(6) or just the middle one ? What r they called so I can ask for them @ auto-zone ? Thank you.
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    Name me some 125cc automatic motorbikes (Not mopeds but sports bikes shape)?

    Can anyone tell me the names of a few motorbikes that are 125cc (no higher) that are automatic (rev & go) & are the sports bikes shape? I do not make a moped shape as i feel they are really uncomfortable! I no of the gilera dna & the pulse rage but not any others! Price is not a problem! Because...
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    Does the 2008 Infiniti G37S coupe come with 7-speed automatic?

    Im looking to find a 2008-2010 G37s and i want the 7-speed auto/Paddle shifters. But i know that some 2008 models have 5-speed auto but do most of all G37S come with 7-speed or is that only in the 2009-2013 models?
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    Can you hunt with the Air-Ordinance SMG 22 automatic air rifle? If so, whats...

    ...the best pellet...? Can you hunt with the Air-Ordinance SMG 22 automatic air rifle? If so, whats the best pellet to use? I'm a huge fan of pointed pellets, but open to all suggestions :-) I am from California. My question is what can you hunt with a SMG 22?
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    Pressed shift paddle down while driving automatic in 2013 acura mdx?

    While I was driving my acura mdx on automatic transmission, I pressed the shift paddle down by accident. I noticed the car slowed down immediately. Then i accelerated and its speed was back to normal. Will this cause any damage to the engine? I am worried because I heard that using manual...
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    I drive an automatic 96 infiniti i30 and recently got the rack and pinion &

    now car shuts off. Any ideas why? The car sometimes jerks a bit then shuts off but sometimes it drives fine. I also got 4 new tires & wheel alignment, could getting these new things like the rack and pinion cause the problem? The car was driving fine without the shut off problem b4 I got the new...
  15. V

    Maserati Gran Turismo S Automatic Question?

    I own a Maserati Gran Turismo S Automatic. In the dashboard, a wrench symbol is showing up; I am curious as to what that means? Does it mean service is required? Also, specifically, if you could explain what type of service is needed?
  16. V

    Automatic toyota camry 1993 stalled as i braked hard.?

    What would be responsible for this any ideas? It also sometimes when I accelerate some what rapidly the revs shoot up heaps but no acceleration. When I brake reasonably quickly it also shakes a little.
  17. N

    what is the mechanism of an automatic mobile charger?

    hi everyone.i want to know how a battery charger shut off the charging process once the battery attains full charge? thanks
  18. L

    Turbocharging my mazda rx8 automatic need some help Thankyou?

    Ok first please dont tell me to get a manual because i dont have one and im not going to get one i need help and nothing else please no disrespectful comments. I have 2009 40th anniversary model i would like to know what type of mods are necessary to put the power down? i also need some advice...
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    What type of transmission fluid should i add to my 96 Jeep G.C 4x4 automatic ?

    I have a 96 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo 4x4 4L Automatic with 166,000 miles. What type of transmission fluid should i get? I dont have the Jeep owners manual. I've read on most transmission fluids additives ( Not for CTV transmission) and have no idea if that applies to my Jeep.
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    can you give me a list of older 4 cylinder suv's or trucks that are automatic?

    im buying in the price range of 1000-2000 and im having a hard time finding a 4 cylinder that is also automatic