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    A car travels a distance of 100km in 2hrs, Find the average speed?

    Subject: Physics
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    6 Things That Are The Same Length As The Average Penis

    Brought to you by our friends at Gurl. You know we love scientific studies over here, especially the super official ones that claim things like “Oral sex is pointless.” It’s time for another study, and this one is a little more fun. More » 6 Things That Are The Same Length As The Average Penis...
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    What are the average daily nutrition guidelines for men?

    I'm trying to find some basic nutrition guidelines for men, stuff like how many calories should one consume in a day, how much sodium, fat, cholesterol, protein, carbs, sugars, etc, could one consume in a day. I'm having a problem finding this basic information. I figured there would be a simple...
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    Average penis growth?

    I'm 15 1/2 and my penis is like 3 in approx maybe 3 1/2 hard and I was wondering the average growth from 15 to 20-21. Would I reach 5 1/2 atleast? Thanks.
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    What is the average mbps when you have a 4g internet service via a cable

    company/Dish? I'm not all that skilled when it comes to the technical details of internet service..or any technical computer things for that matter! Anyway..I'm having trouble with my internet connection speed. So I am considering switching to the Dish internet service.They have 4g internet on...
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    Dennis Rodman says LeBron James would have been ?average? in the ?90s

    Most humans, no matter their age, color, or creed, are inclined to think that the era in which they matured most rapidly is much better than whatever current culture exists. We see it in opinions of music, the moral worth of today's youth, and all manner of other issues. Retired NBA players are...
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    What is the profile of the average 26 year old male in midwestern United States?

    My 26 year-old son tells me that it's not unusual that he has difficulty getting a job that pays over $8 to $9 an hour (only a high school education, but actually quite smart, although he had some learning disabilities with reading as a child), doesn't have any savings, and lives at home because...
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    Cycling average speed: On the flat which bike is likely to be faster for the...

    ...same power output? 1.) A decent hybrid with 32mm tyres but with clip on aero (TT) bars. 2.) A decent road bike with 23mm tyres and usual road bike set up. N.B. both with tyres pumped up solid.....
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    Each day, a fast-food chain tests that the average weight of its

    “two-pounders” is at least 32 ounces. The alt? Each day, a fast-food chain tests that the average weight of its “two-pounders” is at least 32 ounces. The alternative hypothesis is that the average weight is less than 32 ounces, indicating that new processing procedures are needed. The weights of...
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    Barbie & The Average 19-Year-Old Woman, Side By Side

    I realize that we are all a little sick of the "Barbie is so unrealistic!" talk, but there is a reason why we keep bringing it up: it's true. And anything touted as idealistic (which tend to be for many children) should not be completely unattainable and unhealthy. It's not like Barbie is some...
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    Can an F on a quiz render it impossible to earn a A+ average?

    I just cannot allow the tears to cease falling from my eyes. I am in 8th grade, and am in a 10th grade Geometry class. This year has been very difficult for me academically. In Geometry, I have been receiving B+'s and A-'s, yet I have A's/A+'s in all of my other subjects. I thoroughly understand...
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    my 2007 toyota corolla has 78,000 miles. is that high mileage, average or

    low mileage for 2007 model? I was trying to sell on craigslist and some would be buyer started arguing that this is very high mileage and so I must dramatically reduce price. He said with such mileage value should not be more than 5200 dollars. Ofcourse I did not agree to sell him, but he sent...
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    Rick Barry Interview: I Could Average 30-plus Points Today

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    Smarter Than The Average Breakfast: 7 Healthy, Unique Ideas For Waffle Day

    Today is Waffle Day, a fantastic tradition that involves -- well, eating delicious waffles, of course! But you don't need to stick around with frosty old Eggos or other store bought frozen circles; instead, we have compiled a whole list of what other sorts of waffles you can enjoy tonight...
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    How many phone calls do you receive every day on average?

    Not counting the cold calls or promotional calls. Do you think the less calls you get, the less popular and likeable you are?
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    In bittorrent, In the info box it tells me my average speed is 44.4 KB/s....

    ...How can I make it more ? I had an older window on this PC, It was very quick 800-950 KB/s, but when I put a new windows on this PC it became 0.1- 4.0 KB/s . PLZ HELP
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    What is considered above average fitness?

    I was wondering what a example of above average fitness would be.
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    what is the average size of a 12 year old P*****?

    hey, im 12 years old, and my size is 7`, is that good or bad or just normal, i did measure right and plz do not spam me with anything. thx
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    What is the average monthly car payment for an SUV?

    buying not leasing i actually meant used. not old but used. say less than 3 years. probably good condition 2 year old SUV
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    Travis Lutter's (or average) MMA gym cost?

    So i'm looking into MMA and most gyms don't list their prices anywhere on the website. I want to compete at an amateur level and was wondering what the monthly membership price is for an MMA gym. Or Travis Lutter's MMA gym if anyone knows the details on that one.