1. J

    How do I modify the background color of this windows gadget? I would prefer it to be a solid black color so I could leave it on the desktop without worrying about saving or closing.
  2. L

    Background music in YouTube videos?

    I see a lot of beauty gurus have music playing in the background of their videos, but I thought you can't have music unless it's yours. I'm just confused on how that works. If you know how the music in the background of videos works without having copyright stuff please let me know :)
  3. 2

    Can we change the background color of BlackBerry Q10's BBM?

    I mean I get the purpose of the black background, but I much prefer the one I got used to it which is the white one.
  4. C

    What's the song in the background of the taco bell commercial? Its not the one by

    St. Lucia? I caught the end of a taco bell commercial and there was a pretty good song, I did some research and I know it's not the song by St. Lucia Nevermind it's harlem by new politics
  5. M

    Which background looks better on a white ipad?

    I dont know which one to make as a backround on a white ipad so which do u think looks better... 1. The rainbow drips 2. Blue+green drips Thanks
  6. C


    Hello, i've recently started making youtube videos and i was wondering where can i get background music for my videos like the ones that JacksGap , dicasp , and others have? Thanks!
  7. J

    I got caught stealing,16,will this be on my background check for work?

    I got caught stealing at kohls I know that isn't right but my question is will It be on my background check for when I apply for jobs? They didn't charge be just wrote up a report and banned me.. Police were brought in and let me go they only took my name not my social sec or anything, just what...
  8. M

    Will my arrest show up on my background check?

    I was arrested on a count of vandalism, resisting arrest and assaulting an officer. I was released on bail an given a court date. I showed up and the court said nothing had been filed and was sent to the DA's office. At the DA's office I was told to check back later pending whether charges are...
  9. M

    Is it possible to set an image on the background of the tiles home page for a Nokia

    Lumia 920? I have tried searching for apps but no luck. I have seen an image portrayed on each of the tiles home page (background) and wanted to do the same to my phone. Is it even possible?
  10. Z

    Png Images on iPad's saved photos have other images in the background?

    Some of the Png images in the saved photos on my Ipad have images that I have deleted as a background in the thumbnail image. For example, I have a png image of a pokemon saved and instead of having no background in the thumbnail image like it should, it has an image of New York City in the...
  11. N

    Can you say me what is the song/music played in the background when local

    sheriff calls for help in radio? movie name is wrong turn 5.She speaks to another officer named teddy thro a ham is played in teddys side.
  12. M

    On the Motorola backflip can you a picture as the background on your messages?

    I am thinking about getting a Motorola backflip and I wanted to know can you have a picture as the message background? can you choose the background or is it just a standard background like most phones, does it keep the conversations like most newer kinds of phones do?
  13. I

    Song in the background when they're introducing Micah Johnson in

    American Idol Hollywood Week? In the 7th episode of this season (season 12) American Idol, Hollywood week, what song is playing in the background when they introduce Micah Johnson (the guy whose nerves got damaged during tonsil removal)?
  14. A

    What song is playing in the background of Dish Network's Heartland package

    commercial? I heard this song playing and it says tonight, tonight and everyday of your life on the dish network heartland package advertisement. I have searched and searched and can't find anyone who knows. It may be just a jingle, I don't know. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  15. G

    Police Can Timestamp Any Audio Recording From Background Interference Alone

    A team of forensic researchers from the Metropolitan Police in London, UK, claim to be able to accurately timestamp any audio recording—using just the background electrical hum present in any digital recording. More »
  16. I

    What size is each separate background section of a Motorola Droid Razr?

    This phone: It has 5 separate sections for apps and all that, and I was wondering what size each section is? I want to make a custom background for the phone, and I want to be able to have it so it's not split up among the entire...
  17. A

    I have nothing on my criminal background - HELP?

    I am moving out of parent's and will be leasing a really, really nice house in Atlanta, GA (moving from NY). The landlord isn't going to charge me any credit application fees for a credit check and/or criminal background since she stated that I can provide them to her. The question is this. I...
  18. Z

    What would background information mean for gadgets?

    I need it for tomorrow's homework 1.Proposal-DONE 2.Background information- ? 3. Design- TBA 4.Creating-TBA
  19. J

    did you hear joe biden laughing in the background of this debate?

    i swore he'd jump in and interrupt
  20. M

    I can sing acapella but not with background music?

    Help! I can sing while I have no melody playing in the background.... The moment I try to sing with the melody I get losed and/or to focused on the melody and not the words, but I am afriad I will miss a starting/ending point for a word advice please ? I sang already infront of others and on...