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    Backing up audio CD to a DVD blank?

    Backing up audio CD to a DVD blank From the local library I checked out some lectures on audio CDs. I usually back up copies for playing on road trips, fearing loss of the library's originals. I am fresh out of blank CDs. I have lots of blank DVDs. How can I copy the audio CDs to a DVD...
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    Shocker: Planned Parenthood Says Romney Is Wrong For Women, Officially Backing Obama

    Planned Parenthood announced their official endorsement of President Obama in the 2012 election today, simultaneously launching a $1.4 million ad campaign to spread the message in swing states that Mitt Romney is "out of touch and wrong for women." The television ads are airing in Palm Beach...
  3. L

    my iphone 4s keeps backing out of apps?

    i just got it 3 days ago, and everytime i click on app it just wont let me go to it. the screen just turns black real quick and it goes back to my home screen. help?!?!
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    Backing up dvd's: movies burn with no problem, but tv series won't?

    I'm copying all of my dvds since I have little kids and they just love to destroy them...I have been able to burn movies with no problem for days, using 123copydvd. I bought the software a year ago and never used it until just now. I am trying to back up my Dexter and True Blood dvds now, and...
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    I have an mp3 file, how can create a backing track from it?

    I have a song in mp3 format, and I want to remove a particular instrument - is this possible?
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    Anyone know the name of the backing ground music or song of this dicomentry ?

    here is the link ...... plz help and big kiss
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    Ballad Pour Adeline backing track music?

    Hi all, I need a backing track for Ballad Pour Adeline (Richard Clayderman's version) for my daughter. She plays piano, but would be nice with some backing tracks (you know, drums, bass, synth, etc.). Anyone who can send me a MP3 file for this? No piano sound, just backing tracks please. I...
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    backing up text messages on Sony Ericsson Naite?

    Can anyone please tell me the how can I take back up of text messages
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    Backing the boat trailer without the boat?

    Does anyone have any tips or videos that would help with backing a boat trailer. I have trouble when backing the trailer down and the boat isn't on the trailer, and want some tips using the mirrors. I've read hold the bottom of the steering wheel but I tried that and it just seems more...
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    car making humming noise when backing up/ 98 Honda accord?

    car making humming noise when backing up/ 98 Honda accord LX. It's only when I back up. When in drive and accelerating it makes a sound like I am dragging metal. When I break the metal dragging sound stops. And the backing up things isn't every time I back up. Has anyone else experienced this?
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    Backing up a DVD help?

    I have a DVD I need to backup, but can not seem to find any programs online that are free, and virus free also..any suggestions?
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    backing plates for a jeep tj?

    i have a 1997 jeep tj thats backing plates bent and twisted. well i pulled the ebrake and then they bent and i cant find them anywhere so i need the leftside and the rightside. its for a dana 35 or if you got a cheap dana 35 with 4.10s that would be great to
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    Backing Up android apps.?

    Okay, so i have an droid 2 from verizon and there is this app called "Super Junior SMSImage" and I can't back it up using ASTRO becasue it is listed as private. Is there any way? because i can't find it on the market. Also does rooting your android void anything? thx
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    Rogero Manager Backing up to DVD/Blu ray Disc?

    I am 100% Aware of getting Banned . I wanna copy my backups to a disc instead of wasting my HDD memory cuz like its 160 GB only , And i dont wanna buy another one, Could i possibly connect my ps3 to my PC and copy the game to a disc or something....? Well, Yeah i tried 1000 Sites, and MY STUPID...
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    when i try to update my itouch to version 4.2 it just says backing up?

    can someone tell me how to fix this?
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    Music software for performance: Where can I find what I need to control backing?

    Playing guitar with some wav file accompaniments, I want software that does the following: Plays each section of the backing file, e.g. intro, verse 1, chorus, verse 2 etc etc., and gives me the option to loop the section until I tell it to flow on to the next section. Ideally I could define the...
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    Iphone 4G backing up, sync, mean?

    Ok so my room mate and I decided to get 2 iphone 4G's yesterday (it's amazing btw!) and well, I wanted to put music on it from his computer since his computer is just overflowing with actual purchased itunes songs. So anyway, i plugged my ipod in and it suddenly says 'Sync in progress' which I...
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    What is the backing music for im a celebrity get me out of here 4th december 2010?

    was the music when jenny was leaving from tonights show, classical and a lady singing i think
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    Skin Cancer Detection Device, MelaFind, Gets FDA Panel Backing, Only Just

    MelaFind, a device that helps dermatologists detect suitable samples for skin cancer biopsies has been approved by the General and Plastic Surgery Devices Panel, which advises the FDA (Food and Drug Administration). The vote, 8 in favor and 7 against approving the device, only just got through -...
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    Backing up an external drive with another external drive?

    I bought a lacie 500GB external drive (not portable, gets plugged in) about a year ago, and it started acting a little funny so i went out and bought a portable external drive to copy all the files on that one. So, I'm wondering is there a way to automatically create shadow files of my laptop's...