1. M

    1988 vision bass boat?

    1988 vision bass boat with trailer for sale for 800 bucks. Motor is fine the boat has 2 spots that need cosmetic repair besides that everything else is fine. Is 800 bucks a good deal? Would would it normally sell for?
  2. E

    What Bass Guitar should I get for Alt rock/punk around the price of £150 - £250?

    I'm thinking of buying a new guitar but i'm not too sure what would be the best to get. I'm pretty new and this would be my 2nd bass, the first being a basic fender precision bass. From looks alone I'd go with a Epiphone Thunderbird, but i'm not too sure if it's sound is what I'd like. As...
  3. D

    easy alt/rock/punk/poppunk bass songs?

    i dont know enough songs! i know come as you are (nirvana), home (edwatd sharpe), simple stuff like that. please help me out!
  4. B

    how do I fish for bass in the summer?

    I am a fisherman in Ohio. I have not had any luck for the past month and i was wonderin where I should fish for bass in the summer, and what I should use to catch bass in all of Ohio's murky water?
  5. N


    I have a DXI Polk audio bass system and a 1000 watt amp, I was driving home one day and all of a sudden it just stop working at the volume of 20 which is what I usually put it at, the bass works fine if I turn it to 10 though, but if I exceed 10 the bass stops working. Any idea what's wrong...
  6. J

    What do I need for good bass in my car?

    So, I don't really know too much about. Subwoofers and Amps. I need a run through on how to set everything up and what I need first. Thank you!
  7. T

    Subwoofer plays everything but bass?

    so i just hooked up a new head unit in my car and also a subwoofer and amp and for what i know and what everybody else has seen its all hooked up right. when i play my music the subwoofer gives out everything the other speakers do. but no bass. I know for a fact the subwoofer works and i thought...
  8. A

    why is my bass fading?

    when i have my double din at half volume, the RCA's lose connection with the amp or something because the bass fades to a stop then i raise it one volume level up and it works then fades, i have to blast the radio so it will not fade. i have a ken-wood ddx418 double din, 2 kicker comp 15, one...
  9. A

    How do I make bass louder for my iPhone 4 app?

    How do I make bass louder for the freemp3downloader app for iPhone 4 please help?
  10. L

    I'm getting a 2013 Scion fr-s. Is there any way of boosting the bass without...

    ...cutting anything up? I really want to increase the bass, and I would LOVE to get a subwoofer but unfortunately I can't damage the car in ANY way, so I can't cut things up. Are there any alternate methods? Thank you very much for your help.
  11. L

    I have a Kenwood stereo and the bass treble mid adjustment is only for the left?

    not sure of make or model... and had it professionaly installed not wires or speaker thank you!
  12. K

    Tell me a story when someone got angry because they could hear the bass from...

    ...your subwoofer in the car? Did you ever have an incident when someone heard your bass from the car and got mad and confronted you? I'm interested in hearing any kinds of stories.
  13. S


    I just bought a LG extreme bass sound speaker system and I don't know how to set it up because its second hand and didnt come with a manual and I need to connect wires and stuff does anyone have a PDF or owners manual to send to me Or even a youtube video to show you how to set it up does...
  14. X

    SO was it really revealed who Chuck Bass's mom was in Gossip Girl?

    If so then who was it. Because I don't think the British lady was. I'm so confused
  15. C

    What is song Good Bass Music for my car?

    I'm running 2 12" pioneer champion pro series. They are 3500 watts each and I have 1200 watt boss amp in a blazer zr2. NEED SONE SONGS THAT WILL HIT NEW/OLD.
  16. J

    is this the real scarf? used by chuck bass in gossip girl....

  17. A

    Kentucky?s Joker Phillips plays bass in the most cliched country music video ever mad

    Unlike his coaching peers who often seem too laser-focused on their jobs this time of year to have any fun off the field, Kentucky's Joker Phillips appears to be more than capable of balancing business and pleasure. He rewarded his players for their first practice in pads last week by having...
  18. L

    Would a box for my subwoofers make a difference on the bass?

    Ive bought 2 brand new 12" Kickers cvrs n installed them into a box my friend have Gaved me for free he had some magnums in them b4, the box is pretty heavy kinda small and it doesn't have a hole to let the air out, my brother says I need a new box because there not sounding how there suppose...
  19. S

    How do I make the bass guitar louder on my car stereo?

    On my amp, I have hpf adjustment for my front and rear speakers and lpf for the sub . The head unit has bass middle and treble adjustment. My problem is, the kick drum is way louder than the bass on most tracks. If I raise the bass on the head unit, it makes the kick drum louder along with the...
  20. T

    What hairsyle does Chuck Bass have from Gossip Girl?

    I realise he has had different hairstyles throughout the show but in general the slicked back gel...what type of haircut is it? Anyone have a good picture of one(link) I can use to take in when I go get my haircut? Thanks in advance